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Are black glasses in style in 2023?

EFE GLASSES | Mar 30,2023

The start of the year brought various discussions on fashion, trends, and other things to look forward to this 2023. Of course, this includes the style you must try for eyeglass frames. Indeed there have been countless suggestions on what frame color and shape would be on the list this year.

While most people turn to bold and colorful shades, some want to stick to the good, old black glasses. After all, you can never go wrong with black. But what’s in it for you when you choose these black glasses? Will they even complement your style? Are they even compatible with your prescription lenses? Read along to learn more about these glasses.

black glasses for women


What are the benefits of black glasses?

Black is timeless and classic. It’s a universal color that looks great on anyone wearing black glasses. Whether it’s those dark sunglasses or the black-rimmed eyeglasses, they will always complement your style regardless of skin tone and fashion.

Also, most black glasses are lightweight, giving you ease and comfort. They’re generally made from lightweight materials - mostly from acetate and plastic. Besides convenience, these materials also ensure durability. Regardless of where you’ll use these black glasses, you can guarantee they can withstand bumps and falls.

Most importantly, black glasses highlight your facial features. If you’re unsure what color tone to use for your frames, you can turn to black glasses as they highlight your face, accentuating your features. They always flatter regardless of face shape.


Are black glasses in style in 2023?

Generally, black glasses never go out of style. The color will surely be there even if fashion changes. Round, geometrical, and cat eye glasses are some styles for this year. Pair these frames with black, and you’ll surely get compliments from everyone.


For some, black glasses are the safest way to choose when in doubt, and they’ll never disappoint. Besides its minimalist approach, you can also use black glasses to put an edgier look on your frames. You can opt for solid and oversized eyeglasses.

Black on your glasses is not only for casual fits; you can also rock these frames and look elegant at formal events. After all, the flexibility of black glasses brings your imagination and exploration to different concepts and styles.


The best black glasses for this year

If you’d search for black glasses, it would give you millions of options. It can be both a good and bad thing. With your many choices, it can be a handful to look for the best among them. With this, you can check out some black glasses which might interest you.


1. Valery

These black glasses are in round style, considered one of the top trending frame designs this year. The frame also comes with gold temples complementing the black solid black rims. You can adjust the nose pads, making you more comfortable wearing them. These Valery frames would look chic as you wear them casually and bring elegance when wearing them on formal occasions. If unsure whether the shade fits you, click the ‘try on’ button to wear the frame virtually.

Valery - black glasses


2. Hadley

Look sharp and smart with these Hadley black glasses. They’re square-framed glasses that give off that classic look whenever you wear them. The solid rim cover ensures protection of the lenses from damage, and the anti-scratch coating ensures you can use the glasses daily without worrying about possible bumps and falls. Remember that you can also use these glasses on prescription lenses besides fashion. You can upload the prescription your eye doctor gave you, and the manufacturer will change the lenses according to the grades for better vision.

Hadley - black glasses


3. Laverne

When fashion experts said you could pair black with any other color, it wasn’t a bluff. These Laverne black glasses are evidence of the claim. Besides the classic black covering the rim, you’ll see some gold highlighting the upper portion of the rim. The round shape adds to the classic and chic vibe as you wear these glasses. They may look thinner than other frames, but the materials used for these glasses are durable enough to last for a long time, even when used frequently. In short, you’ll always get your money’s worth. 

Laverne - black glasses

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