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Guide to buying the best pink glasses

EFE GLASSES | Jul 19,2023

There's a popular saying about how you see only positive things when you look at life through rose-colored eyeglasses. Well, that might not necessarily be the reason why pink glasses are so popular, but it is true in a way. That is, there's something about wearing pink glasses that just makes you feel happy and light. 

Why do some people like pink glass frames very much?

Pink-tinted lenses are said to help with vision by reducing eye strain and minimizing the amount of blue light that enters the eyes. As for pink frames, the function does not really play a huge part in explaining why they are so well-liked. Most of it has to do with fashion and style. And surprisingly, it is no longer just the girls and ladies that can be seen wearing pink glasses today. A lot of men have also taken to wearing this hue, which is surprisingly very complementary to even the most masculine features. 

Guide to buying the best pink glasses

Pink has always been the top choice in glasses for young girls so if you are buying a pair for your little lady, you wouldn't have a problem with the shortage of choices. And with the impending release of the new Barbie movie, the eyewear market is pretty much inundated with pink glasses today, for kids as well as grown-ups.

1.Complements face shape

So considering the huge selection available, picking just a pair or two can be somewhat of a challenge. Where do you begin? Well, first of all, you need to consider your face shape. If you have an angular face, round or oval glasses would soften your features considerably. On the other hand, if you have a rather round face, you can create attractive angles by picking rectangle or square glasses.

2.Enhances features

Also, you want to pick a pair of pink glasses that enhance your best features rather than conceal them. Some pink glasses are so brightly colored that they draw attention to the frame itself, rather than your eyes or your face. If you want something that is fun but not overpowering, you can try for a lighter shade or a transparent frame, which is actually very popular this year.

3.Matches skin and hair color

Your skin and hair should also be among the criteria to consider when buying pink glasses. The good news is that there is just the right shade of pink that goes with all the different skin tones and hair colors. A lot of people look really good in pastel pink or translucent pink, while others can fabulously pull off some of the more daring shades like neon pink and fuchsia. You just need to find the perfect shade of pink that is best for you. 

Of course, there are always the fundamental matters of picking a frame material that is durable and lightweight, and making sure that the glasses are comfortable to wear, especially if you are going to use them extensively.

The best pink glasses for this year

1.Avice cat-eye pink-gold glasses

Our first pick is the very fashion-forward Avice cat-eye glasses. The pink frame and gold legs combine a touch of tenderness in fashion. Made of a combination of high quality plastic and metal, the Advice is extremely comfortable to wear and complements most face shapes. It’s ideal for daily use at work and can easily be paired with just about any outfit. 

2.Young cat eye transparent glasses

Clear frames are very trendy this season, and this pair of sexy Young cat-eye glasses does go with the current fashion perfectly. You will definitely make a grand entrance by wearing this retro piece, with a splash of hot pink along the top rim. True to its name, the Young glasses will indeed make you feel young regardless of your age. 

3.Basset rectangle glasses 

As we said earlier, who's to say that pink glasses are only for women? The classic rectangular shape of the Basset, combined with its subdued semi-transparent pink tone, exudes sophistication and professional style that looks amazing on both men and women. With a lightweight but durable acetate frame, this pair is ideal for all-day use.

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