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Eyeglass Frame Colors

Eyeglass Frame Colors

Different colors represent your different facets and attitude. Pick the right color for your frame now.

Eyeglass  Frame  Colors

In addition to glasses frames, colors is also one of the most important considerations for glasses wearers. As we all know, different colors have different meanings. Blue represents tranquility and loyalty; red is passion and energy; black sophistication, and formality. Showing off your personality and attitude through the color of your eyewear!

Black Glasses Black Glasses The color black is always the first when thinking of classic and vintage colors. Hardly anyone can resist the charm of the color black.
Blue Glasses Blue Glasses The word "blue" is relatively new. EFE incorporates this modern color into wonderful design to offer you the best blue glasses.
Brown Glasses Brown Glasses Brown color can balance a great variety of colors as well as styles, and that's why designers like it to suit diverse types of glasses.
Gold Glasses Gold Glasses Shinning and catchy, the color of gold is elegant and luxurious. This color can give glasses a modern style while adding a delicate touch.
Green Glasses Green Glasses Green is the gentle color, representing growth, tranquility and new beginnings. EFE's green glasses are there to bring you the same style.
Orange Glasses Orange Glasses Orange keeps the passion of red and the positivity of yellow. The orange glasses can give you a style full of energy and happiness.
Pink Glasses Pink Glasses Often associated with love and kindness, the color pink is a word with many cultural meanings. For pink glasses, they have a tender and cute look.
Red Glasses Red Glasses Red glasses are always eye-catching just like the impression of red color. EFE's red glasses will definitely let you fall in love with them.
Yellow Glasses Yellow Glasses A pair of yellow glasses is lively and energetic. EFE's yellow glasses will decorate your outfits, make your day, and bring you happy moments.
Silver Glasses Silver Glasses EFE's silver glasses are perfect for modern lifestyles. They are not only trendy and stylish glasses but also light, flexible, and versatile for everyone.
White Glasses White Glasses White color conveys a pure and peaceful touch. Get a pair of white glasses to show your personality and remind youself being true and real.
Purple Glasses Purple Glasses The noblest color is the color purple. Purple glasses can make you starkly different from your usual look. Come and get EFE's purple glasses!
Tortoise Shell Glasses Tortoise Shell Glasses Vintage tortoise shell glasses will never go out of date. EFE's tortoise shell glasses try their best to offer the wearers a unique style and look.