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Glasses  For  Face  Shapes

It's vital to select glasses at the basis of your face shape, since your face shape may not look best with some types of glasses. Don't worry about it. EFE categorizes the types of glasses in terms of different face shapes. Come and pick your best pair from EFE!

Oval Face Glasses for Oval Face Versatile oval faces can go well with every type of glasses. If you have an oval face, just enjoy your look with EFE glasses!
Square Face Glasses for Square Face Square faces often look good with rounded glasses because they can soften your edgy style. EFE especially selected best glasses for you!
Round Face Glasses for Round Face If you have a cute round face, you have many choices on different types of glasses. Generally, you can choose some angular frames like square glasses.
Heart Shaped Face Glasses for Heart Shaped Face For a heart shaped face, oval glasses, cat eye glasses, and aviator glasses are all ideal options. EFE offers you the glasses that will make you shine.
Diamond Face Glasses for Diamond Face Sharp and strong diamond faces are cool and unique. You can choose cat eye glasses, rectangle glasses, or other types to highlight your features.
Triangle Face Glasses for Triangle Face Aviator glasses, browline glasses, and cat eye glasses are highly recommended for people with triangular faces. You can find all of them and even more at EFE.
Small Faces Glasses for Small Faces It's important for small faces to choose smaller frames. EFE provides you different options for different frame sizes to give you a satisfying experience.
Long Faces Glasses for Long Faces EFE offers multiple choices for long faces to balance your style. You can wear glasses to highlight the upper part of your face.