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Reading Glasses

EFE's reading glasses have different types, including regular readers, blue light, bifocal glasses, bifocal sunglasses, and multifocal glasses. You can pick ANY 3 pairs at one price. EFE reading glasses can suppress prescription changes, beautify the eyes, reduce dark circles, and inhibit bacterial growth. Choose from a variety of fashionable frames and enjoy durable, scratch-resistant lenses. Improve your reading experience with EFE's top-rated reading glasses. Shop now for the perfect pair!
Callpidae - Oval Red Reading glasses for Men & Women
$12.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Ionia - Rectangle Brown Reading glasses for Men
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Lois - Rectangle Black-Red Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Bias - Square Green Reading glasses for Men & Women
$12.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Hispania - Square Green Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Hillary - Square Pink Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Brewster - Square Black Reading glasses for Men
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Felicia - Cat-Eye Wine Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Bowie - Cat-Eye Red-demi Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Mogul - Cat-Eye Dark-pink Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Elymais - Rectangle Green Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Dylan - Square Blue Reading glasses for Men
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Gallaecia - Oval Orange Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Dixie - Rectangle Black-Red Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Juniper - Rectangle Blue Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Salona - Cat-Eye Amber Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Corinth - Cat-Eye Transparent-Demi Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Flora - Browline Transparent Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Xenia - Cat-Eye Brown Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Numidia - Square Black Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Lorna - Round Yellow Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Campania - Cat-Eye Wine Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Juliet - Round Red Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Durand - Square Demi Reading glasses for Men & Women
$44.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Zara - Square Demi-Yellow Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Dacia - Cat-Eye Demi Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Eclipse - Square Blue Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Deva - Geometric Demi-Green Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Ace - Square Gray Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Penn - Aviator Blue-Tortoiseshell Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Sicas - Cat-Eye Gold-Silver Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Lesley - Cat-Eye Brown Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Boho - Square Transparent-Red Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Gaetulia - Browline Black Reading glasses for Men & Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Petra - Square Black-Blue Reading glasses for Women
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Aetolia - Square Green Reading glasses for Men
$24.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
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Shop best reading glasses at EFE

EFE Reading Glasses offer more than just magnification – they're a passport to a world where reading becomes a joyous journey. Whether you're savoring literature, pouring over research, or enjoying the daily news, these glasses bring words to life with clarity and comfort.
Choose EFE today and unlock a new chapter of reading delight. Elevate your literary adventures and immerse yourself in text like never before.


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FAQs about reading glasses

Do reading glasses really help?

Yes, reading glasses can help improve vision when you’re having difficulty focusing on objects that are close up. They can be used to correct presbyopia, a condition that affects the ability to focus on near objects.

How do I know if I need reading glasses?

When you experience difficulty with near vision tasks such as reading, you should visit an optometrist for an eye exam to determine if you need reading glasses.

When choosing reading glasses, you can consider things like:

The strength of your reading glasses, or "diopter" or "reading power," is indicated by a plus sign (+) followed by a number and decimal. Most over-the-counter reading glasses start at +1.00 as the lowest reading strength and increase in +0.25 increments. A general guideline is that 40-year-olds can start with low-strength reading glasses (+1.25 or +1.5), while 60-year-olds will need reading glasses with a strength of +2.5 or higher. Farsighted people will likely need stronger reading glasses to start with.

How do I choose reading glasses for my face?

When selecting reading glasses, it is important to choose a pair that complements your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, you should opt for rectangular frames to create a more balanced look. Additionally, you should consider the size of the frames, as well as the color and material.

What is the difference between men's and women's reading glasses?

Men prefer lenses with a more straightforward design, such as single-vision lenses. Women often opt for multifocal lenses, available in bifocal or progressive designs and ideal for reading and distance vision correction.

What are strengths of reading glasses?

Reading glasses are available in a range of strengths, from +1.00 to +3.50. The higher the number, the stronger the magnification. If you are not sure about reading glasses power, please check through reading glasses by age chart.

Can you wear reading glasses all day?

Yes, you can wear reading glasses all day. However, it is important to take regular breaks to give your eyes a rest. Additionally, you should make sure that your glasses fit properly and are not too tight or loose. If you experience any discomfort, you should take them off and consult an optometrist.