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What face shape is good for rectangle glasses?

EFE GLASSES | Dec 26,2022

Just as with square glasses, rectangle glasses are seen as classic frames. Rectangle glasses can be smaller and slightly wider than square glasses but are just as versatile. Most face shapes can benefit from these stylish glasses. For this reason, it has become a popular choice among office workers and many other people.

rectangle glasses

Where square glasses have a slight downward tapering, rectangle glasses have even, straight edges and rounded corners. They are also wider than they are tall. It is a shape that complements any style of face and can be very fashionable as well. You can add as much flair as you want with modern colors and styles.

If you, therefore, wish to add balance to your face shape, you can choose from a variety of rectangle glasses. Each style can be individually chosen and will enhance your appearance. It will make you look sophisticated. It is also suitable for any age or gender.


1. Are rectangle glasses suitable for round faces?

Similar to square glasses, rectangle glasses are suitable for round faces as well. Even though there are a variety of frame shapes that look good on round faces, rectangle frames look best. The reason is that they most frequently offer a pleasing contrast in their shapes.

Besides the contrast, it also creates the balanced look many are after. Rectangle glasses balance a round face in that their defined angles create a softer appearance. Furthermore, it can complement any fashion statement you wish to make. This is especially true if you choose the right color frame as well. See our Alicia eyeglasses as an example.


2. Are rectangle glasses suitable for oval face?

Oval-shaped faces have the advantage of wearing frames of any shape. It is therefore clear that they can wear rectangle glasses. Oval faces are long but wider than square faces, for example, but they are also very balanced, making it possible for them to wear most frame shapes, which include rectangle glasses.

As a result, rectangle glasses are the polar opposite of your facial proportions and work well with an oval face shape. The angular shape of rectangle glasses also complements the rounded edges of an oval face, giving you a sophisticated appearance. In addition to this, you can spruce up rectangle glasses with color or embellishments. Consider our Kimberley eyeglasses your first choice.


3. Rectangle glasses for oblong face

Oblong faces are elongated and, just as with square glasses, will look good in rectangle glasses. These classic eyeglasses will complement an oblong face with its more rounded jawline. Rectangle glasses have an angular design that will offer balance and flatter your oblong face. Rectangular glasses can draw attention to your eyes and serve as a focal point for your oblong face. This makes it a perfect choice.


4. Rectangle glasses for diamond-shape face

Rectangle glasses can flatter a diamond shaped face very well. Compared to a heart-shaped face, a diamond-shaped face has a smaller forehead and jaw, with the cheekbones as the widest part of the face. When you put your rectangle glasses on your diamond-shaped face, you will definitely create balance.

Rectangular glasses would suit your face perfectly, as they create a center point and balance everything out. Rectangle glasses are therefore a popular choice. It is important, though, to ensure that the overall shape isn't too angular and harsh. Have a look at how our Tilley eyeglasses will work on your particular diamond-shaped face.

Summary for rectangle glasses

Rectangle glasses at EFE offer you a selection of different colors, styles, and sizes. The best way to make the right decision is to know your face shape. You will find that our range of rectangle glasses will suit any of your needs.

Just as with square glasses, rectangle glasses will suit many face shapes. The only difference is that rectangle glasses are shaped differently than square glasses. As mentioned before, you can identify them by the fact that they are wider than they are tall. Much like square glasses, they also have angular sides and corners. There are also more rounded versions.

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