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What face shape is good for browline glasses?

EFE GLASSES | Jul 14,2023

The name browline might not be so familiar, but you realize you're actually wearing one. browline glasses are frames where the upper part of the rim is bolder, resembling eyebrows. 

A browline frame comprises plastic 'brows' or 'caps' and metal parts like eyeliners and nose bridges. They're screwed together to create a solid eyeglass frame structure. They can be made of aluminum or metals. Today, more innovations are made on browline glasses, giving you more options in colors and designs. 

Why are browline glasses so popular?

This frame style was first manufactured in 1947 and became popular in the 1950s. The signature brow bridge makes the browline frame popular today, giving a modern edge and versatility. Furthermore, it allows people to express their individuality with a classic look. You can also pair browline frames with your casual or formal fits. That's how flexible browline glasses are. The design is famous among celebrities, including Jack Coleman, Bruce Willis, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Malcolm X. 

What face shape do browline glasses look good on?

Browline glasses' versatility means regardless of your face shape; you'll generally look good wearing them. Here are a few points on how browline frames accentuate each face shape. 

    1.Rectangular face. 

The broadened brow of the frame balances the proportions of a rectangle-shaped face. It makes the face look more square and broader. Also, the shape of the browline highlights facial features like jawline and cheekbones. 

    2.Diamond face. 

Generally, people with diamond-shaped faces have narrow foreheads. A browline frame has the benefit of improving one's facial features. Since the frame is quite rounded, it can help soften your chiseled features like the cheekbones. Remember to choose the size of the browline frame smartly, as large glasses can easily dwarf this face shape. 

    3.Square face. 

The chiseled features on square-shaped faces complement with browline frames. The eyeglasses reduce the face's imposing appearance transforming it into a reflective intellectual look. You can even use the dark browline frames on square faces if your skin tone allows it. 

    4.Oval face. 

Experts consider oval-shaped faces the ideal as they will look good on any frame style. If you are one of those with an oval face, you can guarantee that the browline glasses would accentuate your overall feature. Like diamond faces, people with oval-shaped faces must also look for the right size of browline glasses, as oversized ones can make the face rounder. 

    5.Triangle face. 

People with triangle faces can soften the prominent jawline of your face with browline glasses. A wide browline frame produces a natural harmony between the jawline and the narrower forehead. Ensure that the browline frame is an excellent fit to avoid discrepancies between the forehead and the frame. 

Guide to buying the best browline glasses

women with Browline Glasses

Regular eyeglasses wearers would agree that the most challenging part of getting new browline glasses is choosing the best among the thousands of them. To narrow your list, here are some simple factors to consider before buying a pair of browline glasses. 

    1.Size. It has been previously emphasized that larger browline frames can overpower features of some face shapes. Ensure that the frame fits perfectly on your face. You can check the dimensions provided by the eyeglasses manufacturer. 

    2.Material. You can always get durable and affordable browline glasses. Gone are the days when only expensive frames guarantee durability. For someone who regularly wears glasses, select frames that can withstand bumps and other strong impacts. Most browline glasses makers today also have anti-scratch coating as an inclusion on every eyeglass. 

    3.Color and design. It is also fitting to consider your skin tone when buying a pair of prescription glasses. Essentially, the frame colors must complement your skin. There are browline frames sellers where you can try the frames in different colors online. Also, browline glasses can have different styles and designs. There are browline cat-eyes or browline round designs. 

    4.Cost. You must always get your money's worth. If you can afford to spend over a hundred dollars for a browline frame, ensure they are equipped with all the impact-resistant features. On the other hand, there are other browline glasses with similar features as those expensive ones, but they're generally cheaper. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who are browline glasses good for?

A: If your face is not round enough, browline glasses are too good for you. They are great on square or angular faces because they lighten facial features, soften excessive angles, and add a reflective, glamorous look that gives a more precise feel.

Q: What personality type are browline glasses?

A: These browline frames suggest a professional, serious, and well-rounded personality. Those who wear them are often seen as analytical, focused, and business-oriented.

Q: Can those with diamond-shaped faces look good in browline eyeglasses?

A: Yes, browline glasses can complement diamond-shaped faces. The bold upper frame of browline glasses can enhance the prominent cheekbones and narrower forehead of a diamond-shaped face. The top-heavy style can also define the face and add a distinctive touch.

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