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What face shape is good for aviator glasses?

Jul 14,2023

The styles of aviator frames have evolved through the years. aviator glasses first became successful during the 1930s. This was after the US Army commissioned a US company to create eyewear with improved optical protection for their jet pilots. In short, these frames are classic.


Aviators became popular in the 1980s when Hollywood movies like Top Gun showed these jet fighter pilots. Since then, eyeglasses manufacturers have reinvented the aviator glasses and incorporated a modern touch.

Are aviator glasses in style 2023?

Trends always come and go. However, aviator glasses are still one of the most chosen frame shapes in 2023. Aviators are still widely used by everyone, including famous personalities. With how these glasses have evolved and reinvented over the years, you can easily pair them with your wardrobe. The frame style is timeless; hence it always comes back with more innovation. 

The 80s aviator glasses exude a minimalist but powerful statement. You can even opt for the conventional optical styles if you wish to wear glasses without colors. These frames can also be oversized for those who want full eye protection. You can have the glasses lenses of aviators tinted with your favorite color. Regardless of your choice, aviator frames surely provide many options. 

What face shape do aviator glasses look good on?

One of the primary considerations when trying out a new eyeglasses frame is the face shape. Aviator glasses might be flexible enough to fit any facial features, but knowing which face shape would go perfectly with aviators would be beneficial. 

1.Heart-shaped faces. 

Generally, a pair of aviator glasses is wider on top while tapered at the bottom. Instead of contrasting your heart-faced features, it would be best to mimic them. Aviators technically complement the features of a heart-shaped face. 

2.Triangle-shaped faces. 

People with triangular faces have square and wide jawlines. However, unlike square-shaped faces, they have narrow foreheads. You can use aviator prescription glasses or aviator sunglasses to highlight your best facial features and enhance your look. The frame will also complement the lower portion of your face, which balances the overall appearance. 

3.Square-shaped faces. 

Aviators with square-shaped faces highlight the cheekbone and eye area. You can opt for the classic round, vintage round, oval, or colorful aviators, which will draw attention away from your face's width and length proportions. 

4.Round-shaped faces. 

Any aviator glasses will look good on round faces. These glasses complement your facial features. You can choose a dark, angular, and contoured frame to accentuate your best features. An aviator frame contrasts and softens your features, drawing much attention to your face. 

Guide to buying the best aviator glasses

The designs for one frame style have been modernized. This is why choosing among the thousand aviator glasses in the market today can be taxing. However, you can consider the following points below to narrow your options and choose the 

best ones. 

1.Design. Aviators come in various styles, so you will have more options on your preferred designs. There are oversized, vintage, and modern ones. It pays to try the frame virtually before you check out a pair of aviators. Some manufacturers like EFE allow their customers to wear the glasses online by a try-on tool. This way, you can assess what design looks good on you.

2.Color. While you can opt for transparent aviators, some might want to be stylish and add some flashes using colors. You can go black, pink, purple, dark tortoise, blue, and gray if you have a cooler skin tone. People with warmer skin tones can use earthy tones, brown, green, navy, or ivory. Overall, the aviator glasses should accentuate your skin color.

3.Customization. You can personalize your aviators. Some eyeglasses sellers even allow you to change the lenses on your chosen frame based on your prescriptions. The more options you have, the more personal your aviator frame will be. In most cases, you can customize the frame colors as manufacturers produce designs in different hues. 

4.Cost. Some aviators can be expensive as designer brands make them. However, you can spend less than a hundred dollars to secure classic aviators and still look elegant and chic. Various aviator glasses today are made from durable materials thatcan withstand impacts within your budget. 

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