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What face shape is good for cat eye glasses?

Dec 26,2022

The first step in getting a pair of glasses is to have your eyes tested. Once your eye test is completed, the fun starts. Now you can start choosing the frame for your eyeglasses. Knowing your face shape will greatly assist you in selecting the best glasses.

One of the best shapes to choose is the cat eye shape. cat eye glasses are not new to the market, but they remain fashionable and popular. The cat eye is flattering on a variety of face shapes, including yours.

The cat eye is distinguished by its sharper appearance. It comes in a variety of pointed and rounded shapes. They are recognized by the upsweep at the upper corners of the frame and rounder bottom edges.

trendy cat eye glasses


1. Square faces and cat eye glasses


If you have a square face, you will benefit from the sharp pointiness of the cat eye glasses. It also has a rounded edge that will complement a square face. You can see how our Nicola eyeglasses will complement your face shape.

You can try them on and see that cat eye glasses will look good on you even if you have a square face. Your square features will be softened and balanced. This is true for even the slightest upsweep of the sides. The rounded bottom edges of the frames would do the same.

It will create a very stylish and professional look in any setting. Choosing a frame with ornate corners will further increase the upward slant and soften a square face.


2. Cat eye glasses for round faces

Just as with a square face, a round face can benefit from cat eye glasses as well. You might want to choose this frame if you have a round face. For most women, this is the ideal pair of eye glasses to suit a round female face. This does not exclude men from this option.

It is especially complimentary when you have chubby cheeks. The upsweep of the silhouette has a lifting and slimming effect on the face. The best bet here is to choose a frame that has a less rounded bottom edge. The idea is to create a slimmer face. Have a look at our Latonia eyeglasses with a pointier bottom edge.


3. Cat eye glasses are ideal for oval faces

An oval face is one of the face shapes that can wear any shape of eyeglasses. That includes the cat eye glasses. Your face is proportionately balanced, and you, therefore, have a wider range of choices.

When it comes to cat eye glasses, you will find that your oval face can sport any of the many styles available. The only precaution is to choose a size proportionate to your face size as well. It should not exaggerate any undesirable features of your face.

The best is to choose a cat eye type of eyeglass that is softer. That means a type that is more rounded at the bottom. This will enhance your features. This is especially true with a soft or sharp upsweep on a broader, round frame, such as our Albee eyeglasses.


4. Cat eye glasses for a heart shaped face

The most important feature of cat eye glasses will be an asset for your heart shaped face. That is, the upsweep side edges of the upper corners of the frame. Its greatest asset is that it brings balance to your face. It is especially perfect if it is slightly wider than your forehead.

A heart-shaped face can further benefit from cat eye glasses with mild hues. However, you can also be as dramatic as you want to be, such as with our vintage tortoiseshell frames, Mavis eyeglasses. Ornate corners can also produce a more balanced appearance.


Summary for cat eye glasses

Even though we have only provided examples of female eye glasses here, you will find that men wear them too. The same face shapes apply to men when selecting cat-eye glasses, such as our Law eyeglasses.

EFE offers you a wide selection of cat eye glasses from which to choose. We have a style that will best suit your face shape. Cat eye glasses will fit an oblong face, a round face, a square face, an oval face, a diamond shape, and a heart shape.

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