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Everything about prescription sports glasses you should know

Jul 14,2023

Prescription sports glasses are specially made eyewear that help you see more clearly while also providing a higher level of protection to the eyes during sports or other similarly intense physical activity. Although more people are now wearing them, there is still a lot that prefers to just wear their regular eyeglasses while playing sports. Although it might be okay with them, this is really not safe and poses the risk of a lot of eye injuries.

Prescription sports glasses

Are prescription sports glasses worth it?

The simple answer to this is yes. Let us explain why. Regular prescription glasses, regardless of how durable the material might be, are not built for sports. They are designed for everyday use at work, in school, or at home. But if you use them for sports activities, they can easily break upon impact, or fall as you are running or jumping or doing some other strenuous activity, which can lead to a host of injuries not only to you but to the other players in your team. 

Prescription sports glasses cost a little bit higher but the returns are definitely worth it. First and foremost, we are talking about your safety, and nothing is more important than that. Also, wearing prescription glasses that are specifically decided for sports will help you see better and more comfortably, and ultimately perform better at your sport. 

The pros and cons of prescription sports glasses

As mentioned, the biggest pro of using prescription sports glasses is your safety. Your eyes will be better protected in the event of a nasty impact, because the lenses of sports glasses are tougher. The design of the frame is also meant for providing protection for your eye area.

Another advantage is that sports glasses can be worn more securely. The snug fit of the earpieces makes falling very unlikely. Many of them even have straps that wrap around your head, guaranteeing that they will stay in place no matter what movements you make. Still, another pro is that sports glasses are incredibly cool to wear. They come with all sorts of features like sleek aerodynamics, anti-glare lenses, impact-resistant technology, and a myriad of other perks that can significantly enhance your sports performance. 

As for the cons, we have previously said that prescription sports glasses can be a bit pricey compared to regular glasses. Some can really cost a pretty penny. If you are part of a team and would like to have different glasses to match your uniform, for instance, you might have to spend a lot more. 

Guide to buying the best prescription sports glasses

Now is an excellent time to get prescription sports glasses because there are so many fabulous designs available, unlike years before when the options were few and far between. Before you go out to the optical shops though, there are some important things you need to keep in mind so that you can find the best prescription sports glasses for you.

1. Choose lightweight but durable material for the frame and the lenses

You don’t want glasses that would wear down heavily on your face while you compete or exercise. There are plenty of lightweight but sturdy materials that you can choose from, like the flexible and comfy TR90 featured in the sports glasses at EFE.

2. Look for protective and performance-enhancing features

Prescription sports glasses are equipped with extra features that are designed to elevate both protection and performance. Look for things like anti-scratch coating for lens durability, a non-slip grip for the earpieces to keep the eyewear in place even as you begin to perspire, and so on.

3. Choose the right lens tint

Are you going to be using the prescription sports glasses indoors, like for working out in the gym, or are you going to be outside most of the time? The kind of sports activity you will be engaging in will dictate the tint that you should choose for your lens. At this point, you should also consider anti-glare features and UV protection. 

4. Pick glasses that match your own style

We don’t even need to include this in the list but in their effort to find the perfect glasses, some people forget to consider their own style. It should meet all the criteria above but your glasses should also reflect your own personal fashion and personality. 

Recommended prescription sports glasses

Choosing just one out of the myriad of stylish prescription sports glasses out there is a massive challenge, but here are some pairs that we highly recommend for the active people of today. 

1. Arch - Rectangle Sports Glasses

With rather narrow lens pieces measuring 33 mm from top to bottom, the Arch rectangular glasses are ideal for most sports activities. Its sleek design makes it very complementary for most face shapes, and it looks great on both men and women. The full-rim plastic frame definitely exudes a sporty look. We like the black glasses frame with blue details on the arm, but it is also available in combinations of black/red, black/orange, and black/green. 

Prescription sports glasses

2. Elmo - Rectangle Sports Glasses

The larger frame of the Elmo rectangle glasses allows for wider coverage, allowing you to see clearly from all around. These glasses are a unisex pair and come with a frame shape that really enhances the eyes. The powerful no-slip finish gives excellent staying power as well.

Rectangle Sports Glasses

3. Karen - Oval Sports Glasses

The oval shape of the Karen prescription glasses makes them perfect for softening masculine faces, particularly those with angular features. With its highly functional frame and arms that keep it securely around your head, the Karen is the best choice for the toughest outdoor adventures, and it is surprisingly low-cost considering the superior quality of its craftsmanship.

Oval Sports Glasses

4. Valentin  Rectangle Sports Glasses

Topping off our list is yet another rectangle glasses, which is actually the most popular shape for sports eyewear. The Valentin in a matte combination of black and red is the embodiment of sophistication and active style. It’s so lightweight you can forget you are wearing glasses at all. 

 Rectangle Sports Glasses

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