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How to find the best trendy glasses for 2023?

EFE GLASSES | Dec 26,2022

Trends for an upcoming year are usually set in the current year. People can then look forward to what is coming. The same applies to trends for glasses. trendy glasses are often dictated by celebrities or other influencers.

trendy glasses

Even though there are trends for 2023, you have the freedom to develop your own style as well. This is because we are all individuals with our own tastes and styles. However, trends are also meant to be inclusive, and people with similar tastes will always follow the trends. To wear trendy glasses, you have to keep the shape of your face in mind. Fortunately, the 2023 trend points to a wide range of frame styles. It also includes most of the trends that have been around for the last decade or so.


What are the features of trendy glasses?

Trendy glasses for 2023 include all the styles that were available in 2022. This is because the styles are available for all face shapes. Some of the trendy glasses for 2023 include the following:

● Round frames are suitable for faces with significant features that are rectangular, oblong, or oval. These shapes have been around since they were first created in 1880.

● Clear glasses are not prominent glasses and can therefore suit all faces. The trends here are very thin metal frames that emphasize the clear glasses effect.

● square glasses are classic, fit most faces, and are always on trend. Hence, these shapes will not disappear soon.

● For 2023, tortoiseshell glasses will remain on the list of trendy glasses. This is another one of those frames that remained trendy for decades and is still very trendy.

● Eco-friendly glasses have become more prominent in the last few years, but 2023 will see increased popularity.

● Wire-frame glasses remain a favorite with many, as they are classic and fashionable glasses to wear.

● cat eye glasses seem to never go out of style and will also be a 2023 trend. This is because many face shapes can wear them.

Most importantly, the various styles also come in different sizes. The oversized style seems to have come to stay as well. The main goal is to be able to get your prescription while remaining fashionable.


The best trendy glasses for men

Most optometrists offer trendy glasses that are suitable for both men and women. That means that both males and females can choose the same frame. However, there are some glasses that would sway men to choose them over others.

One trendy pair of glasses that will be best suited for a male person are our Sanchez eyeglasses. With their classic appearance, these glasses are ideal for businessmen. Both men and women can benefit from these trendy glasses. It is also the type of frame that hardly ever goes out of style.

As already mentioned, wire-frame glasses are trendy for 2023. These glasses are not only classic but also allow for a classy and formal appearance. Again, a style like our Cella eyeglasses can be very suitable for the office but can also be worn anywhere.

The third pair of trendy glasses are our Nadine eyeglasses, with their very professional look. These glasses will add an extra touch to your trendy outfit.


The best trendy glasses for women

EFE offers a wide range of options for both men and women. However, we can make a distinction between the trends women would follow as opposed to men.

Tortoiseshell glasses, for example, have become a female fashion staple. These have been trendy for a few years now. You cannot go wrong in 2023 if you choose a tortoiseshell frame like our Mavis Eyeglasses.

Trendy glasses for women also have a classic appeal and are highly fashionable. An example of this is our Octave eyeglasses. It helps a lot that they are cat-eye glasses. That means that most people with various face shapes will enjoy wearing them.

The majority of our trendy glasses for women are classic or vintage in nature. This is what makes them part of the trends for 2023. Our Weathers eyeglasses, for example, wrap several elements together. You have a seemingly round frame with browline features in a cat-eye shape. This pair of trendy glasses will meet most of your requirements.