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Guide to buying the best sports sunglasses for 2023

EFE GLASSES | Jul 26,2023

The summer season calls for more activities outdoors. For most people, it's the best time to join in different sports and physical activities. Besides the sports outfit you must have, high-quality eyewear is also essential. This ensures better protection from UV rays and debris. 

Continue reading below to learn about your sports sunglasses and where to get the best and most affordable ones. 

 sports sunglasses

Are sports sunglasses worth it?

Buying sports sunglasses is worth it if you need them. While sports enthusiasts will likely purchase these sunglasses, not-so-sporty people can also score some affordable pairs. They're for you if you're into the outdoors or mostly running errands outside the house. Here are other reasons sports sunglasses are worth buying. 

1. Improved game performance.

Regardless of the type of sports sunglasses, they all boost one's game performance. The best pair reduces glare and increases the contrast to have better vision. In sunny or dark venues, sports sunglasses make it easier to focus on your target. The eyewear is especially essential at indoor venues where light is limited. 

2. Protect the eyes from debris and UV rays.

If you're playing sports outdoors, wearing sports sunglasses is essential. There might be sand or tiny pieces of dirt getting in your eyes, which can affect your game. The worst-case scenario would be you getting injured because of some debris. 

3. Prevent fatigue and eye strain.

The sun's glare can affect the way an athlete plays sports. It can strain your eyes. Sports sunglasses, especially those polarized sunglasses, enhance your vision and reduce fatigue. 

Sports sunglasses vs regular sunglasses

Sports sunglasses relatively have a higher wrap for a secure and snug fit feature. They usually use a strap to hold the frames together for a goggle-like fit. The straps keep sunglasses in place while in high-motion sports activities. They're more comfortable to wear than regular sunglasses. 

As you may know, regular sunglasses are worn by almost everyone when outdoors to protect the eyes from UV rays. Essentially, these frames are more trendy and flashy than sports sunglasses. You can even use them in your fashion styles. However, you cannot use them in most sporting events as most might easily break, especially if the sport involves a lot of motion. 

Sports sunglasses vs polarized sunglasses

Sports and polarized sunglasses are primarily used to protect your eyes from the sun. However, you can also see some distinct differences between these two eyewear. Polarized sunglasses come with a chemical coating that reduces glare. While sports sunglasses might also have this feature, checking with your eyewear maker is essential. 

Also, polarized sunglasses let vertical waves travel through the lenses and filter horizontal light waves to reduce glare. Meanwhile, sports sunglasses only guarantee the UV filter but may not prevent glare. Since polarized sunglasses use special coatings, they can be more expensive than sports sunglasses. Of course, the latter can also be pricey if you decide to add polarized lenses to them. 

How to buy the best sports sunglasses?

If you plan on buying expensive sports sunglasses, it's beneficial to choose the most functional ones meticulously. Here are some vital tips you may consider before purchasing best sunglasses

1. The type of sport.

Some sports require more motion outdoors. With this, you must choose a pair that ensures a snug fit and won't fall even if you frequently move. If you participate in indoor sports, sunglasses with dark tints might be useless. Identifying the sport and the venue you'll play will have a huge role in choosing the most effective sports sunglasses. 

2. Frame color.

You can also be fashionable with sports sunglasses. Most manufacturers today let you choose your preferred frame colors. Warmer skin tones can go for brown shades, honey, gold, olive green, and beige. Meanwhile, cool skin tones can choose frames in purple, pink, gray, blue, and mauve. You can play with some color combinations; don't overdo them, as the sunglasses might overpower your skin color. 

3. Material.

In most cases, sports sunglasses are relatively durable. Look for a pair made of polycarbonate, an extremely sturdy plastic. Its resistant shattering is relatively high, so you can guarantee it can withstand possible bumps and falls. Polycarbonate lenses also have an anti-scratch coating. 

4. Customization.

Some people opt for a more personalized pair of sports sunglasses. If you're one of them, look for eyewear stores offering customizations. In most cases, you can change your preferred color. Some stores can provide lens changes, but it might be a scarce offer since they're sports sunglasses. 

Best sports sunglasses for 2023

The best sports sunglasses vary for every person. If you have yet to decide what style and color to choose for your frame, you can take some inspiration from the ideal sports sunglasses 2023 below. 

1. Rectangle Black Sunglasses E08115A

This is an almost all-black pair of sunglasses with a little red highlight on the temple arms. Sunglasses E08115A come in red, blue, and white colors. The lenses also have darker tints, so you can use them when playing outdoors. Meanwhile, the nose pads ensure more comfort when worn, and the temple arms guarantee a snug fit to prevent the sunglasses from falling in high-motion activities. 

Rectangle Sports Sunglasses for Men

2. Rectangle Orange Sunglasses E08146D

The blue lens color on Sunglasses E08146D adds some flash when wearing it. The temples are in black and orange color combinations, slightly balancing the flashy lens colors. Black, purple, and wine lenses are also available for you. If you need help deciding what frame and lens color combination to choose, you can try the sports sunglasses virtually. Regardless of your choice, these frames are unisex, so they will look good on both men and women.

Rectangle Sports Sunglasses for Men & Women

3. Browline Blue Sunglasses E08114E

Sports sunglasses from E08114E are very stylish because of the browline frame style. It's a semi-rimless frame with a thicker border on the upper rim and no borders at the bottom. The gray and blue combination lets you pair the sunglasses with any sports outfit you prefer. The temple arms offer an excellent fit to ensure the best functionality when using the sunglasses outdoors. 

Browline Sports Sunglasses for Men

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