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Can you get sports glasses on prescription?

EFE GLASSES | Oct 16,2023

As the living standard improves, people attach more importance to the quality of their life nowadays. An increasing number of individuals start to devote time to the gym or outdoor sports such as mountaineering, cycling and hiking every week. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a weekend warrior, having the right gear can make all the difference when engaged in sports and outdoor activities. 

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What glasses can be used for sports?

Comfort, secure fit, and adequate eye protection are important when selecting glasses for sports. Even though some glasses come with the highest level of UV protection, they will continue to interrupt your exercise if they do not fit your face or are uncomfortable to wear. In addition, such factors as fog prevention, scratch resistance, anti-reflection or anti-glare and photochromism also count a lot, which worth your careful consideration. That’s where sports glasses come into play. Sports glasses come in several types depending on the needs of the sport. For instance, sports sunglasses are aimed at protecting people’s eyes and improving their performance. Typically characterized by 100% UV protection, impact resistance and surround design for better coverage, they play an important part in shielding your eyes from glare, strong wind or flying debris when you are running, cycling or climbing, etc. Goggles are composed of stronger frames and shatterproof lenses designed to provide maximum protection from sports involving high impact and potential eye hazards, such as racquet sports, skiing or water sports. 

Can you get sports glasses on prescription? 

The answer to this question is yes! Prescription sports glasses are available and can be tailored to meet individual vision. They are specifically designed for those who need to correct their vision while doing sports. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic, you can have easy access to these glasses in varieties of designs and styles. Prescription sports glasses combine the function of sports glasses, such as wraparound frame and anti-drop lenses, to customize lenses that fit different frames for various sports. Some models also offer interchangeable lenses for different lighting conditions. It is also worth noting that consulting with an ophthalmologist or optometrist is advised to determine the right prescription and find the most suitable sports glasses for you during diverse sports activities.

How do prescription sports glasses work?

Prescription sports glasses are designed to compensate for refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) by incorporating tailored lenses with the right dosage into frames that are specifically designed for sports use. These frames are lightweight, durable, and usually made from materials such as polycarbonate or TR-90, featuring both strength and flexibility. They are built to withstand impacts, twists, and falls that may occur during sports activities. In addition to providing clear and corrected vision, prescription sports glasses facilitate comfort, eye safety, optimal visual acuity, and improved performance, enabling athletes or sports enthusiasts to enjoy their activities with confidence.

Best Prescription Sports Glasses for Men and Women

1.George - Rectangle Black-red glasses 

Rectangle Black-Red Glasses

The first option is the rectangle black-red George glasses. Featuring a classic rectangular frame in black and red, these glasses are a sleek and stylish accessory for anyone looking to elevate their eyewear collection. This lightweight rectangular style is effortlessly on-trend and eye-catching, and its versatility makes it well-suited for everyday wear or as a statement piece for any occasion.


2.Karen - Oval Black-Red Glasses

Oval Black-Red Glasses

Karen glasses consist of a sporty and hyper-functional frame that’s unapologetic in its beauty. Its sporty black acetate construction adds a touch of flair, while its solid oval shape gives it a polished look. Built for life's most adventurous moments, it's ready to see you through them all.


3.Nugent - Square Gray Glasses 

Square Gray Glasses

Nugent glasses is a modern take on a retro classic, featuring rectangular lenses surrounded by a full-rim plastic face front in black, which is a must-have for those seeking a modern and sophisticated eyewear option. With a sleek square frame in a stylish gray hue, these glasses effortlessly blend fashion and functionality. Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a fitness club in the downtown, these glasses will elevate your look with their contemporary design. Get ready to make a statement with Nugent glasses.


4.Ralph - Rectangle White-green glasses

Rectangle White-Green Glasses

As a trendy and stylish accessory that will enhance any outfit, the rectangle white-green Ralph glasses are highly recommended for their versatility, lightweight frame and secure fit. The combination of a classic rectangular frame in a fresh white tone with playful green accents creates a bold and fashion-forward statement piece. These glasses are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and add a pop of color to their look. Fill your eyewear cabinet with the Ralph glasses right now!

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