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How to buy the best square sunglasses?

EFE GLASSES | Jul 19,2023

While you’re used to wearing round and oval metallic glasses, you can also experiment with other frame styles and look good in them. Explore the benefits of wearing square sunglasses for your daily fit. Continue reading to learn more about choosing the best square frame in the market today.  

oval metallic glasses

Are square sunglasses in style?

Square frames are timeless. The style first became popular during the 1950s and 60s. Today, people can choose from classic square sunglasses or oversized sunglasses, whichever fits their style. Also, most eyewear stores today let you personalize your square sunglasses so they would complement your wardrobe. 

A pair of square sunglasses are versatile enough as it can be suitable for various facial features. Of course, in most cases, the square shape will look better on specific face shapes. However, the key here is to explore the styles associated with square shape. You can also look for geometric square frames that resemble classic square styles. 

What face shape do square sunglasses look good on?

As previously mentioned, specific face shapes suit well with square frames. When looking for the best frame style, your main consideration is these sunglasses might complement your facial features and not overpower them. Check out the list below. 

1.Round faces. Square sunglasses give contrast to the roundness of one’s face. The style is generally the opposite of the face shape. The square frame’s angular edges and lines will even out the soft lines of a round face. The key for people with round faces is to look for square sunglasses with sharper edges or four corners with thinner frames. 

2.Oval faces. There might be a slight similarity between round and oval faces. This includes the soft edges of their facial features. You can rock oversized square sunglasses with your oval face as they contract the angles of your face. Besides fashion, large square frames give complete eye protection, especially outdoors. 

3.Rectangular face. Wearing square sunglasses on a rectangular-shaped face enhances a person’s defined facial features, including strong jawlines. You can opt for vintage square sunglasses with deep lenses as the bold lines and sharp angles give your facial features soft features.

How to buy the best square sunglasses?

Besides knowing the facial features that best suit square frames, other essential factors affect your choice of the best sunglasses. Look closely at the following points below. 


People have different skin tones; hence one must choose frame colors that complement the skin. Those with warmer skin tones can go for beige, gold, honey, brown, or olive green. Meanwhile, you can look for silver, purple, blue, gray, or black square sunglasses if you have a cooler skin tone. 


If you frequently wear sunglasses, it pays to know what they’re made of. Most eyewear manufacturers today include anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings on their lenses. Besides durability, one must also ensure the raw materials are safe for everyone, as some might incur allergies to specific materials. 


You can expect the style to come in different colors for every square frame you see. You already know what colors suit your skin best. With this, you can explore the various shades of your favorite square frame before buying the best pair. 

Best square sunglasses for 2023

There are thousands of square frames today. You can check out some of the best square-shaped sunglasses below for inspiration. 


Get these retro oversized square sunglasses for a steady yet elegant look. The size of Cara frame allows better eye protection. Its lens tint is enough to protect you from the sun’s glare. The best thing about these frames is you can choose among different colors, including black, transparent tea, transparent gray, and tortoise. 

oversized square sunglasses


Carmen - pink square sunglasses are perfect for summer. They look fun, colorful, and playful. Make your overall summer look fashionable with these frames. If pink is too much for you, you can try other color options like black, gunmetal, or the gold-white combination. 

pink square sunglasses


You can never go wrong with black frames. This style from the Deirdre collection is suitable for men and women on any occasion. The gray lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

black frames sunglasses

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