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How to buy the best browline sunglasses?

Jul 19,2023

Ever curious about how browline eyeglasses look? You might have used this style on one of your sunglasses but weren’t sure of its name. A browline frame has a bolder upper part holding the lenses, which resemble an eyebrow; hence they’re called browline sunglasses. The design became very popular during the 1950s and 60s. One might think that these sunglasses are out of style. However, browline sunglasses today are still trendy.

browline sunglasses

Are browline sunglasses feminine?

Browline sunglasses are designed to be unisex. The frames are ideal for women. One can even notice that most ladies wear the style more than men. These frames make you look chic and elegant while accentuating your facial features. However, this does not mean men should avoid browline sunglasses. These classic frames can also look good on men when styled accordingly.

What face shape do browline sunglasses look good on?

Styling is vital not just in wardrobes but also in your eyewear. The face shape is the first thing you must consider when looking for frame styles. After all, the frames must accentuate one’s facial features. Here are a few face shapes that look good with browline sunglasses. 

1.Square-shaped face. Browline sunglasses help in rounding out the sharpness of your face, resulting in a more balanced look. Choose some round or oval frame shapes as they contrast the sharp angles of a square face. 

2.Diamond-shaped face. Like square faces, people with diamond faces also have angular jawlines and prominent cheekbones. Browline sunglasses balance the face’s narrow forehead and soften the chiseled cheekbones. It’s best to opt for round browline frames to even out the angular facial features. 

3.Oval face. They say you can wear any frame style when you have an oval face. The shape is considered the ideal face, so wearing browline sunglasses will look good. The bolder upper rim allows one’s upper facial features to stand out. Meanwhile, the bottom edge will enhance the lower facial features. A pro tip would be choosing oversized browline sunglasses. 

How to buy the best browline sunglasses?

While you can freely choose your preferred browline sunglasses, it’s also fitting to consider the following points below. 

1.Frame color. 

After considering your facial structure, the color comes second. Like the shape, your frame colors must highlight your skin tone and not overpower it. People with cooler skin tones can choose silver, pink, purple, mauve, or black. Meanwhile, if you have a warmer skin color, look for shades of brown, honey, olive green, or beige. Eyewear stores today let you try the glasses frames first before buying. 


Ensure that you can customize your frames. Indeed, most stores today allow you to change frame colors; others offer more than that, including changing the lenses. The more customizations, the better. 


There are different versions of browline sunglasses. Look for a manufacturer that offers many designs of browline frames.


Of course, you want to get your money’s worth after buying a pair of browline sunglasses. There are affordable frames today made of durable materials to withstand possible falls and bumps. The best browline frames must not always be expensive. 

Best browline sunglasses for 2023

Each person has different preferences for the best browline sunglasses. Look closely at the best browline frames and decide which suits you. 


How about a minimalist take on browline sunglasses? These Swenson designs do just that and more. They’re slim and lightweight, giving you more comfort even while wearing the sunglasses for long hours. The frame comes in a modern design with black or wine color options. Most importantly, these browline sunglasses suit both men and women. 


You can be playful with these round browline sunglasses from the Angie collection. The colors come in a gold frame with blue lenses, gold with transparent highlights, and black. These browline frames are ideal for women who want to bring more color to their eyewear. 


Whether black or transparent, these browline sunglasses from Napier are ideal options. The lenses come with a gradient and gray shades, giving more eye protection from the sun’s glare. The rimless detail of the bottom part of the frame enhances the lower facial features. 

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