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Are bifocal reading glasses worth it?

Aug 19,2022

What are bifocal reading glasses?


Bifocals are reading glasses with a clear top and a magnifying section at the bottom.


Reading glasses help bring text into focus by zooming in, making the text looks larger and clear. Most common reading glasses are single vision, the whole piece magnifies anything you see through the lens. Single vision frames are classic design for reading, however you need to take it off if you want to see things far away. Then, when you're ready to read again, you have to put them back on.


Then, the modern bifocal reading glasses changes it. You don't need to take off and get back the glasses so often while see near and distance. Bifocals help solve this trouble by changing the distribution of the lenses. If you look through the bottom of the lens, the text will appear larger than usual; but if you look the top of the clear glasses, the object will appear as it is.

bifocal reading glasses


Bifocal reading and progressive reading glasses


Bifocal lenses are usually designed in the same way. A small area in the lower part of the lens corrects your near vision. The rest of the lens enhances your distance vision or is unenhanced.

In EFE Glasses, we offer two types of bifocal reading lenses, traditional D-shaped reading lenses, and progressive reading lenses.


Traditional D-shaped reading glasses, have a half-moon shaped piece in the lower part of the lens to magnify text, and the rest of the lens is a clear lens. If you simply have trouble seeing things up close and have perfect vision at a distance, then our bifocal reading glasses are perfect for you.


Progressive reading glasses, from the top of the glasses to the bottom of the gradual change in power, the topmost is the lens to see distance vision, the lens power gradually change into to the bottom to see near vision.


The benefits of bifocal reading glasses


1. One pair of glasses for all-day use

The biggest advantage of bifocal lenses is convenience. Bifocal lenses allow wearers to cover two vision needs without having to change glasses between tasks. This has made bifocal glasses a new favorite for reading glasses users. Instead of carring one pair of reading glasses and sunglasses, users can easily do it all with one pair bifocals sunglasses and say goodbye to frequent putting them on and taking them off for all-day use. Also, you can save 1 pair of glasses money.


2. Cost-effective

In glasses with bifocals or multifocals, why choose bifocals instead of progressive multifocals? There are three reasons for your consideration. If your far vision is so good that you don't need glasses, in the market, opting for bifocal reading glasses is less expensive than progressive glasses.


3. Short adaptation period.

The second reason is that the power of progressive lenses changes gradually, it requires a long adaptation period for you to use progressive glasses, and you may experience dizziness, headaches and nausea from inaccurate prescriptions during the first few weeks of use.

However, for bifocals, on the other hand, because they have only two focal points and are used for a smaller and more pronounced range of reading, you can become familiar with them and use them normally in a very short period of time, even within 2 seconds.


4. Multiple functions

Bifocal reading glasses, not only can be used indoors, but also can add sun lenses, become your partner in outdoor sports, such as biking, running. When riding under the sun, stopping midway to check messages, no longer need to take off sunglasses, put on readers, or squinting eyes struggling to see, just look to the bottom of the magnifying lens can enjoy a clear reading experience. Try it and you will love it!


How do you get the lens to fit me?


Bifocal lenses are sold in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smaller, narrower lenses work well with weaker prescriptions. For stronger prescriptions, you may need larger lenses because it requires more space to hold the entire prescription. If you choose a bifocal lens that is too small, you may experience prismatic effects or optical distortion.

For stronger prescriptions, it's best to check in the clinic and get a unique glasses for yourself.


Where to buy bifocal reading glasses?

#1 Offline store or clinic

Get a prescription for your vision according to your ophthalmologist and get your glasses done in the clinic. Usually, the cost of this traditional method is relatively high.


#2 Online store

Now online glasses are very perfect and mature.

You can directly upload your prescription to the online store, and pick the bifocal lens online.


If you do not have the trouble of farsightedness, you can buy the bifocal reading glasses according to your strength, and the upper part is the clear glasses. You can find a huge selection of styles on our, including bifocals, bifocal sunglasses, at very affordable prices as low as $8.99 for three pairs.

Don't forget to confirm your strength before you order, if you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us!



Want to check it now?

Here is the fast-check your strength, click on our reading glasses chart.


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