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Why more people are choosing bifocal reading glasses?

EFE GLASSES | Nov 25,2022

Why choosing bifocal reading glasses?

Symptoms of presbyopia usually appear after age 40. At this point, you may start to realize that when you want to read something, you can only see clearly if you hold the reading material away from your eyes. Then at this time, you will need a pair of reading glasses.

Reading glasses bring small text into focus by magnifying it, making the text appear larger. These are what we call fully magnified reading glasses, and they are great for reading. But you'll need to take them off if you want to see something far away. Then, when you’re ready to read something again, you have to put them back on. It's actually very inconvenient. So more and more people begin to choose bifocal reading glasses.

How do bifocal reading glasses work?

Bifocal reading glasses help solve this inconvenient of fully magnified reading glasses by changing part of your field of vision. If you’re looking through the bottom of the lens, this will help you look up close while doing activities like reading a book, looking at a map or checking a recipe. But if you look through the top of the lens, this will help you focus in the distance while driving, watching TV, and more. It means bifocal has two focal points in one lens. It can meet your needs to see almost anything throughout the day.

Bifocal reading glasses


What are bifocal sunglasses?

Like our regular bifocal reading glasses, bifocal sunglasses have an unmagnified top for your everyday viewing, and have your reading power in the bottom of the lens. But it can also block the sun's harmful rays. Bifocal sunglasses are perfect for easily reading maps, menus, books, fishing, golfing under the sun, or anywhere you want to get a closer look while still protecting your eyes from the sun.

In addition, sunglasses are also a great fashion item, aren't they? So when you wear bifocal sunglasses under the sun, you can wear them as your stylish accessory even if you don't have to read anything for a while.

So bifocal sunglasses are the right choice for presbyopia who like to participate in outdoor activities or sports. Vision correction and UV protection are equally important for them.

bifocal sunglasses

Where can I buy bifocal reading glasses?

Our EFE website provides nearly 400 types of bifocal reading glasses for everyone! With different frame shapes, materials and colors, there is always one that suits you! Now you can freely match THREE pairs of reading glasses in our store, but only need ONE PRICE! 

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