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Do you know your reading glasses lens types?

May 17,2022

In this post we’ll help explain the difference between the various types of reading glasses lens types so you can shop with confidence.

Fully magnified, reading sunglasses, bifocals, bifocal reading sunglasses, blue light glasses and multifocals are six types of most common lens types.

Fully Magnified Reading Glasses

Fully magnified reading glasses have the reading power you choose throughout the entire lens. These are the most common type of lens for reading glasses and work well if you only want to wear readers when you’re looking at reading material.

Reading Sunglasses

Reading sunglasses provide both your reading magnification and UV protection for your eyes. These readers are perfect for relaxing with a book in the sun. In addition to traditional styles, reading sunglasses are also available with bifocal and polarized lens options.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

The top portion of the lens is unmagnified and designed for long-distance viewing (like watching television, walking and talking ) and the bottom portion has the power you choose for close-up viewing (like reading a book). Therefore, bifocal reading glasses are the best fashion accessories for you.

Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

Different from traditional reading sunglasses that you can only wear them when you reading in the sun and have to take off them when you walking, bifocal reading sunglasses combine the advantages of bifocal and sunglasses, you can wear them freely as you like. When you walking or talking, this glasses are fashionable sunglasses, when you reading, the magnified lens in the bottom provide great reading experience for you. 

Blue Light Reading Glasses

Blue light reading glasses help optimize your eyesight when viewing your computer or digital screen. If you spend long hours looking at a computer, tablet, television, or phone, chances are your eyes are bearing some of the potentially harmful effects of blue light. Wearing blue light reading glasses can help reduce headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain, and other symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. Blue light reading glasses are available in multifocal and fully magnified lens options.

Multifocal Reading Glasses

Multifocal reading glasses have three distinct viewing areas. Select your standard reading power for the bottom area of the lens. Your intermediary, computer power is in the middle of the lens, and the top of the lens has the weakest power (approximately half of your reading power) .

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