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Why Bifocal Reading Glasses Are a Smart Choice?

EFE GLASSES | Jun 14,2024

Discover why bifocal reading glasses are a wise selection for your vision. Learn the benefits, Appropriate Use, and how they can enhance your daily life.


Bifocal reading glasses are unique when it comes to user vision because it is well designed and can allow one to see from far and near through a single lens alone. The second function of these items make them convenient. It is a fact that in bifocals one does not need to change pairs of glasses to see something in front or at a distance from his or her eyes. What is especially beneficial for those people who require varying weights for reading and standard vision?

This type of glasses is particularly good for people of all ages with the athletes also being important especially if they are elderly people with changing vision needs. Reading books and drive cars becomes easier as a person becomes bifocal because he does not have to take off his glasses to read or take off glasses to drive a car. It means that they are very important and useful for individuals because they help to see the world better and clearer.

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What Are Bifocal Reading Glasses?

Flex glasses are a very different design from bifocal reading glasses. They have two focal lengths embedded in one pair of eyewear. The upper part of the head allows the eye to view far objects and the lower portion is used when viewing the object closely such as reading a book. They are thus distinct from single-vision eyeglasses which have the same lens power in all of the views. It is also different from progressive lenses, which enhance the vision power gradually without distinct marks.

Bifocal lens glasses were first invented in the past by Benjamin Franklin. He had a problem with reading and with seeing far, and it occurred to him to use two different lenses and unite them in one frame. Both before and after that, bifocals are much improved because of new technologies. Nowadays they are a preferred type of lenses among the users who need a convenient option to correct the vision quality for various distances.

The Advantages of bifocal glasses


Bifocal glasses are good because they ensure that the user can overcome challenges in life. They come in two types of formulas of one lens so you do not have to have two pairs of prescription. The top part is for viewing distant objects and the negative lens in it is for viewing close objects. This implies that you can get a good pair of eyeglasses today which allows you to read comfortably yet at the same time have the ability to look at objects situated in the distance without having to change your glasses.

Bifocals are also useful as it can help to reduce eyestrain. If you are already reading, for instance, then changing to viewing a television does not require any eye strain and everything turns out to be easy and more comfortable. It is particularly useful for such tasks as driving, which require periodic focusing of the eyes from close to far ranges. Bifocals offer more comfort for the eyes in as much as they allow the eyes to rest at the end of various activities.

The Appropriate Use of Bifocals

The bifocal glasses serve a great purpose for people who cannot use a single eyeglass with different strengths on different parts of it. Often such people need to look both downward to read and upwards to focus on another thing at the opposite corner of the room; therefore they need to have bifocals on the eyes all the time. They save you from toting around additional pairs of glasses.

It may be necessary to allow for some minor adjustment time with bifocals. The first thing might be to learn how to look through the right part of the lens for the activities being performed. However, it is a much easier solution, unlike bifocals which once you are accustomed to them; make life easier especially in doing some day to day activities.

Featured Bifocal Reading Glasses

Cat-eye Pink Glasses E08662A

Cat-eye Pink Glasses E08662A

The E08662A glasses have a chic cat eye design in pink and look wonderful on any face. These frames are made from a blend of TR90 and metal with a combination of both strong and comfortable to use for all day and can look modern or made in retro styles. In whatever event you participate in whether it is at work or at your leisure time, the E08662A will always ensure that you get noticed and allow everyone to acknowledge that you are a person of style and personality.

Round Bright Nickel Glasses E08765A

Round Bright Nickel Glasses E08765A

The glasses E08765A are round which provides an elegant look to the face even for various face shapes. These glasses are well-equipped and constructed using hard metals. They would be ideal for formal events or worn as comfortably as a casual outfit. They hold a posture that conforms to your face to make you comfortable all day. Silver and gunmetal or black with matte antique brown color can be your choice accordingly.

Square Tortoiseshell Glasses E07905D

Square Tortoiseshell Glasses E07905D

Glasses E07905D frames are uniquely designed with a square metal shape as well as classic brown frames. Framed in TR90 fiberglass Nylon these glasses provide protection from accidents and go with any occasion while maintaining style. The sturdy and stylish classical design of the frames combined with the overall high quality make these glasses the best choice for everyday wear combined with their subtle elegance will improve your look and self-confidence.


Bifocal reading glasses have two lenses with one providing a stronger magnification for close distances and the other weaker for better vision at long distances which makes things that are done every day a bit easy and you will be able to see well, and get glasses that fit your style as a person.

People also ask:

Q: Are bifocal reading glasses suitable for everyone?

A: Bifocals are commonly prescribed for people over 40, as that's when presbyopia tends to set in. Presbyopia is also sometimes referred to as age-related farsightedness and is a condition that commonly occurs with age. Bifocals can also be used for kids or younger adults who have various eye disorders, such as eye strain or focusing.

Q: Do bifocal reading glasses take some getting used to?

A: It can take up to 2 weeks to get used to your bifocals. If you are still having problems after 2 weeks, you should contact your eye doctor to make sure your prescription doesn't need changing. Adjusting to bifocals can take a bit of time, but it is worth it once you get used to them.

Q: Can you wear bifocal reading glasses all the time?

A: Yes, you can wear bifocal lenses all the time if they are prescribed for full-time use. However, it may take some time to adjust to wearing bifocals continuously, especially if you are not accustomed to wearing multifocal lenses.

Q: How do I choose the right bifocal reading glasses?

A: Computer bifocal lenses provide some magnification at the top of the lens and full reading power at the bottom. You choose the combination of top/bottom powers in EFE stock selection which runs from +0.25 Top / +1.25 Bottom to +2.00 Top / +4.00 Bottom.

Q: How do I determine what reading glasses power I need?

A: You may also be able to determine which strength of reading glasses you need by consulting a 'power by age table' like the one below:

1. Age 40-44 – Recommended power +0.75 to +1.00 dioptre.

2. Age 45-49 – Recommended power +1.00 to +1.50 dioptre.

3. Age 50-54 – Recommended power +1.50 to +2.00 dioptre.


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