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Understanding the Difference: Bifocals vs. Reading Glasses

Apr 09,2024

Bifocal glasses are a significant turning point in the development of eyeglasses, having come a long way from the days of the first basic lenses. For those who need support seeing both close and far away, Bifocal specialized lenses with two sections are quite beneficial. The top portion is used for reading or viewing objects at a distance, and the bottom part is used to see objects up close.

Bifocal glasses

What are bifocal glasses?

Bi-focal glasses are defined as having two separate sections on their glasses lenses. Each half of it is capable of seeing things differently; for example, the top area is used to see objects far away, while the bottom part is used to see stuff close by, such as when reading. The genius Benjamin Franklin came up with the concept of combining two different types of lenses into one frame to improve people's vision. This idea was first implemented in antiquity when Franklin realized he needed glasses to read and see far away.

The Mechanism Behind Bifocal Glasses: How They Work for Users

The two components of a bifocal lens are designed to benefit your eyes in distinct ways, which makes the way they function rather interesting. You gaze through this section when you look down to read because the bottom portion contains a unique area that helps you see objects up close, like books or your phone. The upper portion is used for viewing objects at a distance; this eliminates the need to constantly switch between glasses. Reading and gazing up at a distance are made very easy by being able to look through either the top or bottom portion of your Bifocal, depending on what you need to see well.

The Advantages of Bifocal Glasses

Bifocal glasses are pretty amazing because they do a lot for your eyes with just one pair of glasses. Here is why they are so good:

To start with, bifocal glasses, eliminate the need for you to carry around two pairs of glasses as before the invention of Bifocal, those who required assistance viewing distant objects had to hassle switch between two separate glasses! With Bifocal, you get both types of help in one. You can read a book and then look up to see something in the distance without changing your glasses.

Bifocal is also very helpful for persons who have varied activities throughout the day, which is another major benefit. If you read papers, use a computer, and then need to drive or go about, having binocular glasses makes it simpler to see properly at various distances without having to change lenses. To view objects up close, simply look through the bottom section, and to view objects farther away, look through the higher section.

Bifocal means less eye strain, too. When you try to read with regular glasses meant for seeing far, your eyes get tired. Bifocal helps your eyes relax when you are reading or doing close-up work. This way, your eyes feel better at the end of the day.

Bifocal Glasses vs. reading glasses

If you select the right glasses, reading a book, using a computer, or just looking around can make your day easier. Despite providing a two-for-one solution, reading glasses are an additional choice, particularly if your only vision problem is a close-up. If you know what makes each pair of glasses different and pick the one that best fits your needs, your daily activities will be less tiring on your eyes and more enjoyable.

Let’s have a comparison look of Bifocal Glasses with Standard Reading Glasses


Bifocal   Glasses

Reading   Glasses

Vision   Support

Both near and far sight are supported.

Only near sight (close-up vision) is supported.


No need to switch glasses for different tasks.    

Might need to switch with distance glasses.


Good for all-day wear and various activities.

Best for reading or close-up work only.


Might be more expensive because of custom lenses.

Generally less expensive.


Might take some time to get used to the different zones.

Easy to use, no adjustment needed.

Bifocal are a lifesaver if you find yourself bouncing between tasks that demand concentrating on both near and distant things. They come in handy in many instances where reading glasses just can't keep up. Bifocal, for example, make it easy to read a paper and then look up to carry on a discussion across the room. They are also ideal for people who are constantly on the go, like in the case of shopping, when you may need to read labels and then glance at distant signage. Because they meet a wider variety of vision needs and simplify daily living, Bifocal are essentially perfect for active lifestyles where it isn't practicable to stop and change glasses frequently.

EFE's Top Picks for Bifocal Reading Glasses

Cat-eye Gold-Silver Reading Glasses E08156A

Cat-eye Gold-Silver Reading Glasses E08156A

Introducing E08156A- a striking set of reading spectacles in gold-silver that accentuate your eyes with their horn frames that make a statement, cat-eye lenses that catch the light, and sparkling diamonds that capture the light. With a frame width of 150 mm and a lens width of 52 mm, these glasses are not only great for your eyesight but also for your appearance. They are made to fit any face shape nicely and lend a touch of feminine beauty to any ensemble. E08156A makes sure you read your favorite book or go out for coffee in style.

Geometric Red Reading Glasses E08144C

Geometric Red Reading Glasses E08144C

E08144C adds a dramatic and contemporary twist to reading glasses with its geometric red frames, making it ideal for people who enjoy making an aesthetic statement. Its timeless design and sturdy plastic construction go well with a wide range of aesthetics, giving it a flexible option for everybody. The 145 mm frame width and 55 mm lens width guarantee a comfortable fit for everyday use or reading sessions. E08144C is a must-have item because of its distinctive style, which enhances your appearance whether you're attending a formal event or working at the workplace.

Cat-eye Pink Reading Glasses E08261C

Cat-eye Pink Reading Glasses E08261C

The hefty temple arms of E08261C, with their spring hinges that enhance comfort and a dash of style, offer a pop of color with their array of different shades. Its distinctive transparent design is both playful and stylish. These eyeglasses provide a tight fit and a striking appearance with their 138 mm frame and 46 mm lens widths. E08261C gives a burst of color and plenty of comfort whether you're dressing up for an occasion or keeping it casual. Her cat-eye shape and playful colors are ideal for people wishing to express their style via their eyewear.


Reading a book or gazing at anything far away is made easier with Bifocal, which is superior to having two pairs of glasses for various purposes because they allow you to see both close and far without the need to switch lenses. There is a perfect pair of bifocal reading glasses for everyone at EFE Glasses. Whether you choose the bold and statement-making E08144C, the glossy E08156A, or the vibrant E08261C, there is a great selection available that is both fashionable and comfortable. So why wait? Pick the bifocal glasses that best suit your needs by browsing EFE's selection today to benefit your eyes and look terrific!

May People Ask

Which is better reading glasses or bifocals?

Are Reading Glasses Better than bifocal lenses? If you currently wear reading glasses, you should consult with your eye doctor to see if multifocal glasses would be beneficial. Bifocal lenses are only better if you need them.

Can you wear bifocal reading glasses all the time?

To adjust quickly to wearing bifocals, it helps to wear them all the time. Wearing your bifocals continually can shorten your adjustment period to just a week or two. But if you feel like you'd rather take it slowly, that's fine, too.

Who should wear bifocal lenses?

These are symptoms of presbyopia, and like I said, are common to those over the age of 40. However, bifocals are not limited to those 'over the hill'. Children can benefit from bifocal glasses lenses if they have problems focusing or have eye strain from reading.

What's the reading glasses age chart?

You should visit your local optician who can accordingly advise you which reading glass strength would be most suitable for you. However, below is a rough approximation guide that broadly states the reading glasses strengths according to age:

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