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Best Glasses for Small Face: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

EFE GLASSES | Feb 09,2024


Oval face shapes are typically smooth, with a gentle flow across the width of the face from forehead to chin. Oval face shapes are suited to glasses with sharp angles or rounded edges, sometimes with glasses that are longer than they are wide. This face shape is also considered one of the best glasses for almost any style, which means you have a variety of styles to try. This article will explore the best eyeglass shapes for oval faces and provide you with some advice to help you make an informed decision when choosing glasses.

Key Characteristics of a Small Face

A small face typically denotes one that is narrower across the cheekbones and shorter from the forehead to the chin. The features are often delicate, and the aim is to avoid the need to hide these features under bulky eyeglasses. If you still aren't sure, consider consulting an eyeglasses specialist who could help clarify your face shape and optimal frame styles.

Choosing Glasses for Small Faces

The quintessential idea behind selecting glasses for small faces revolves around proportions. The size and shape of your selected frames can influence the overall balance of your facial features drastically.

1. Rectangular Frames: These frames help add a sense of symmetry and width to small faces. With their sharp edges, rectangular frames are ideal for lending contrast to soft facial curves.

2. Round Frames: An ageless style, round frames are a universal fit for most face shapes. For smaller faces, round frames can accentuate delicate features while ensuring the eyeglasses doesn’t dominate your visage.

Exploring Material and Color Choices

Selecting the right frame material and color is also pivotal in your eyeglasses choice. Plastic frames come in a myriad of colors and are lightweight, which can be beneficial for smaller faces. Metal frames, on the other hand, often have a more minimalist feel which can balance out small features.

When it comes to color, consider your skin tones and personal style. Warmer skin tones can be complemented with brown, gold, or honey-colored frames. Cooler skin tones may be flattered by colors such as black, silver, or pink.

Showcasing Celebrities with Small Faces and their eyeglasses Choices

Glasses can make a fashion statement too, and who better to guide us than stylish celebrities with similarly small faces? Emma Watson, noted for her petite features, has been spotted in chic rectangular black frames, emphasizing her delicate features. On the other hand, Zoe Kravitz was captured in round frames, updating her look with a more Bohemian vibe.

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Professional Advice and Commonly Asked Questions

Before you invest in new frames, it might be best to learn more about glasses and how to measure for the right fit. Consult an optician or eyeglasses specialist to help decide on the right frames and lens types for your vision needs and lifestyle. Some common questions we've taken from our customers are:

1. Will wearing glasses change my facial structure over time? Not at all. But the right pair of glasses can help reflect your style and character.

2. Lens types: Single vision, bifocals, and progressives. Which one do I choose? This will depend on your vision needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Your optometrist or ophthalmologist will help guide you in the right direction.

3. Are glasses fashion trends relevant when choosing glasses for a small face? Fashion trends come and go, but choosing eyewear should primarily focus on what flatters your unique features and meets your vision needs. Don't be afraid of experimenting with different styles!


Navigating the world of eyeglasses for small faces need not be a challenge! Emphasize your natural appeal and explore the wide range of styles available. Ultimately, eyeglasses is an essential accessory that can amplify your style quotient while offering the vision support you need – small face or not, everyone can look fantastic with the right pair of glasses!

People also ask

What lens width for small faces?

Round Black Glasses

What glasses look best on a small face?

Cat eye frames are a great choice for those with petite faces because they can make the face look longer and more balanced. The upward angles of these frames attract attention to the upper part of the face, accentuating the eyes and cheekbones.

What size frame is for a petite face?

Lens width 45 to 50 is petite in most frame shapes. However, round frames are an exception. That's because round frames have relatively narrow lenses and wide bridges. Lens width 43 to 48 is petite in round frames.

Can a small face wear big glasses?

While oversized eyeglasses can be appealing, it's important to exercise caution when choosing the size. Individuals with smaller faces should avoid wearing excessively large glasses as it can lead to noticeable pupil displacement. Additionally, oversized glasses may not fit properly if they are not ordered in the correct size, resulting in a potential fit issue.

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