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Guide to buying the best glasses for heart shaped face

The world over, people have different face shapes. When it comes to choosing eyeglasses or even sunglasses, you should take this into consideration before anything else. Even then, you are able to play around with various shapes and styles of eyeglasses. This is especially true if you have a heart shaped face.

If you have a heart shaped face, you can also make a personal choice. You do not always have to follow the strict guidelines set out for such face shapes. The reason is that, even though you have a heart shaped face, it will differ slightly from others, and so will your choice of glasses for a heart shaped face.

It is always best to be aware of your face shape if you want to make the best choice for glasses in general. The same applies to glasses for a heart-shaped face.


How to buy the best glasses for heart shaped face

You can tell if you have a heart shaped face by looking at the following:

● You have a broad forehead

● Your jawline is slender

● Your chin is also narrow and pointed

These are very general points that will also be different for different individuals. It is therefore wise to fit the glasses in different pairs for a heart shaped face. Once you know that you have a heart shaped face, it will be much easier to find the best glasses.

One of the best features of a face with a heart shape is that it has both rounded (soft) and angular shapes. For this reason, you can benefit from its versatility. Do remember, though, that your face is unique, and you need to find the glasses for a heart shaped face that best suit you.

As mentioned, even if you have a heart shaped face, your proportions are unique. Hence, you need to choose a frame that fits your proportions. Most frames that are best for your face shape will be ones that are wider than your forehead. It will also be the one that emphasizes the angles of your face but is also more rounded at the bottom.


Five best glasses for heart shaped face

Knowing that you have a heart-shaped face will assist you in selecting the best glasses for a heart shaped face. Here are only five examples of what you can look for when choosing glasses for your heart shaped face:


1.Look for oval glasses

Your heart shaped face has angular features as well as rounded features. Oval glasses can contrast those features, such as your cheekbones, and give your face a soft overall appearance. Oval glasses could be one of the best options for a heart shaped face. You will be making a wise decision if you choose browline glasses, such as our Desmond eyeglasses.


2.Choose aviator glasses

Not only are aviator glasses classic and iconic, but they are also an excellent choice for a heart shaped face. The idea is to draw attention to your eyes, and the larger lenses and thin wire frames are common features of aviator glasses, such as our Anthony eyeglasses. These are definitely glasses for a heart shaped face, as they are wider at the top.


3.A Round Pair to Choose

Round glasses have equal width and height. This makes them symmetrical and will therefore bring balance to the overall proportions of a heart shaped face. They can also add symmetry to a heart-shaped face. Our Valery eyeglasses play around with several features of round glasses to make this an excellent choice as well.

Make cat-eye glasses your choice

Cat-eye glasses are an excellent option for your heart-shaped face. These are excellent glasses for a heart shaped face, as the corners sweep upward, creating new lines for your face. They combine curves and strong lines that make a heart shaped face more attractive. Our Hestia eyeglasses are a perfect example.


4.Get two-toned glasses

Two-toned glasses, such as our McElroy eyeglasses, will draw attention to the eyes. This is especially true if there is a darker color toward the top. It is another great choice for glasses for a heart shaped face. The contrast between the two hues creates a striking overall appearance for an already alluring face shape.








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