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Advantages and disadvantages of multifocal reading glasses

EFE GLASSES | Nov 25,2022

Multifocal reading glasses are nothing new. They have been around for over 60 years. However, someone may not be familiar with them. This blog will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of wearing multifocal reading glasses.

how multifocal reading glasses work 


Advantages of multifocal reading glasses


1. One pair for all distances

We all know that after the age of 40, the adjustment ability of the eyes will decline, and near vision will become blurry while the distance is still clear. That is where reading glasses are needed. But ordinary reading glasses are only suitable for reading at a close distance, and need to be taken off when looking at a distance, which is very troublesome for some people. Multifocal reading glasses can perfectly solve this problem. You can get a clear vision at all distances with multifocal reading glasses.


2. No vision jump

The strength of progressive reading glasses gradually increases from top to bottom, and the substitution of adjustment also gradually increases. So there is no fluctuation of adjustment, it is not easy to cause visual fatigue.


Disadvantages of multifocal reading glasses


1. Takes time to get used to

When you wear multifocal reading glasses for the first time, you may feel a slight dizziness and shaking when walking. So your eyes need time to adjust to the lenses. For people with severe presbyopia, this may take a much longer time.


Multifocal lenses provide users with more value for the price of one. But not everyone should opt for this type of glasses. Those who need more than two vision ranges can improve their vision with multifocal lenses.


2. Expensive, not easy to customize

Compared with other lenses on the market, multifocal lenses are not easy to customize, not all stores sell this kind of lens. And multifocal lenses are more advanced than others. This shows that the price of multifocal reading glasses will be more expensive than other reading glasses.


But what to remember is that EFE will provide you with the greatest convenience to choose the reading glasses that suit you. You can directly choose 3 pairs of reading glasses with different materials, different frames and different lenses. The most important thing is that you only need to pay one price, low to $8.99!

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