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What are multifocal reading glasses?

Dec 15,2022

Multifocal reading glasses are glasses for nearsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia in the same pair of glasses. These glasses are usually worn by people with presbyopia (farsightedness) and people over the age of 40 with vision problems. It can help you see more clearly in the distance, such as driving, watching movies, etc., and can easily see clearly in near places such as reading.

Multifocal reading glasses are glasses that allow you to see comfortably at all times, regardless of the current lighting conditions. If you have these glasses, you won't need to switch from one pair to another to see better. Instead, there is only one unit working for you at any time.

multifocal reading glasses


How do multifocal reading glasses work?

Multifocal reading glasses work similarly to but slightly different from, the way most prescription eyeglasses work. The lenses in the frame have two or more strengths. The top of the lens corrects distance vision, it’s used when walking, driving, or looking straight ahead at people you are conversing with. The bottom of the lens corrects your up-close vision, it’s used for reading materials like books and magazines. The middle of the lens corrects your intermediate distances, it’s used for computer purposes like your laptop, tablet, or another digital device. Therefore, multifocal reading glasses are the best choice for people with multiple vision problems.

Who needs multifocal reading glasses?

People over the age of 40 will start to have presbyopia. The symptoms of presbyopia are as follows:

1. You need to hold the phone further away so the message can be seen more clearly

2. You need to wear reading glasses when you are reading and take them off when you are not reading.

3. Finding that you can see clearly at night but not so clearly during the day, or that your vision is impaired in some way due to the light in the room.

If any of these bother you, you may want to consider multifocal reading glasses. It provides you convenience without having to change glasses or change the reading distance to see the content.

Where to buy multifocal reading glasses?

Multifocal reading glasses are available for an affordable price at EFE. We provide you with nearly a thousand high-quality reading glasses to choose from, any of which can be customized according to your special multifocal magnification. You can be as productive as ever, and activities like driving, using electronics and reading a book can all be made easier with a pair of multifocal glasses that do it all. You don't have to keep putting your glasses on and off, or switching between different pairs. Give your eyes a break and look through our multifocal reading glasses here. Now you can get any three pairs of reading glasses in our store, with only one price! 

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