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Love to You, charity accompanied - Shanghai EFE EYEWEAR Co.Ltd.

EFE GLASSES | Jun 07,2022

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2018-01-22 11:46

January 20, 2018, at the beginning of the new year, Employees of Shanghai EFE Eyewear Co., Ltd took their families to Fangsong Street Nursing Home in Songjiang District, Shanghai, to carry out a charity donation activity with the theme of "Love to you, Benefit to you." The public welfare activity gathered a group of peple full of love and respect for the old. In the winter the staff who follow the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, with their own modest power, care for the elderly,and hand out reading glasses and crutches and other living materials.

 It is often said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, through which we see through many things in the world. The eye is also the camera of life, through which we see and record many things. But as it gets older, its accessories seem to get old, and a little item is needed to help it stay in use. And Shanghai EFE Eyewear Co., Ltd is committed to bringing a better visual experience to the world, so that the world can see a better self.

So the EFE employees came to the Fangsong Street Nursing Home, For the grandparents here presented its reading glasses, bring love to the grandparents and improve the quality of life of the elderly in nursing homes, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of elderly people.

In the afternoon of January 20th, the volunteers of EFE were divided into several teams to deliver well-prepared living materials for the elderly in Fangsong Street Nursing Home. To help the elderly by trying to read newspapers to choose the degree of the reading glasses.

Some employees also brought their children to accompany the old people, and shared them walking sticks, and actively got to know the living conditions of the elderly.

People in old age, in addition to health, but also need the warmth of the accompany. EFE share the glasses, but also accompany with the elders.  The volunteers of EFE Eyewear devote themselves to this public welfare activity with the greatest enthusiasm and sincere love. Chatting with the elders in the nursing home, caring about their diet, getting to know their physical condition, holding their hands, accompanying them to chat, sitting beside them and listening to their stories.

The elderly are the wealth of the society, but also the treasure of life, this public welfare activity.Every staff with a grateful heart, care for the elderly, care about the elderly. In winter, Shanghai EFE Eyewear Co., Ltd. entered Fangsong Street Nursing Home to warm the elderly with love and let the elderly feel the warmth. Although the activity was over, the love is still passed on. In 2018, Shanghai EFE Eyewear Co., Ltd. will organize more public welfare activities, bring love to everyone in need, and walk hand in hand with public welfare