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EFE Eyewear Brand Debuts at Hong Kong Optical Fair 2017

EFE GLASSES | Jun 07,2022

When the bright Dutch orange meets the simple white eyeglasses display case, the elegant blue beam reflects the "floating eyeglasses like clouds." The innovative and advanced display also became the symbol of the EFE eyewear brand's stunning debut at the Hong Kong International Eyewear Exhibition 2017. As one of the famous eyewear brands in Europe, EFE eyewear brand attracts the attention of the majority of importers and investors. Glasses from medical appliances to the development of fashion accessories, join a good brand has become a hot pursuit of importers at home and abroad. The Hong Kong International Optical Exhibition is an opportunity for the EFE brand to negotiate agents, join and sign contracts with importers from all over the world. It is also the start of the 2018 world optical chain franchise project for the brand of Holland and the world market.

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November 8, 2017, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ( Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre), The 25th Hong Kong International Optical Exhibition opens. The exhibition gathered from 28 countries around the world, a total of 800 exhibitors. There are also new exhibitors from Denmark, India, San Marino and Sweden. The exhibition has 9 exhibition areas, presenting a wide range of eyewear products. The "Brand Gallery," a collection of global trendsetters, features 225 of the world's top brands, including CHANEL、DIOR、CARTIER 、PRADA、LOUIS VUITTON 、GUCCI、FURLA 、GIVENCHY 、999.9、B1919 EYEWEAR、BLANC & ECLARE、EVISU、PULL&BEAR 、Freddie Wood、ic! berlin、Markus-t、MINIMA、MUZIK、Oh My Glasses TOKYO、PARIM、Savile Row、Stepper And Superdry. As one of the famous eyewear brands in Europe, EFE Eyewear was also invited to attend the exhibition.

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As one of the exhibitors invited to participate in the Hong Kong International Optical Exhibition, EFE Eyewear believes that contemporary eyewear has been transformed from a medical product into a fashion accessory, which plays an important role in lighting up the look. The design concept of light fashion aesthetics, integration of Western European classic and Nordic simple design style, through its designers to fashion elements of a deep understanding and the unremitting pursuit of quality, EFE has become one of the European trend brand leader. EFE Creates a unique modern light fashion life aesthetics, simple and unique, a school of the Netherlands top craft brand image. In this exhibition, EFE Eyewear attracted many importers to join, and with Southeast Asia and the United States of America importers to negotiate contracts.

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In this exhibition, the EFE Eyewear also showed its rich and diversified glasses products. EFE eyewear, with the brand concept of "seeing a better self," hopes to make every user enjoy a better life experience, in order to find more suitable eyewear. The EFE Eyewear design from multiple perspectives, to meet the needs of different users in different scenarios. Whether it is the original aesthetics of European glasses made of high quality imported plate, or the retro round frame with the style of the vintage style, or with the sense of comfort and science and technology, EFE Eyewear in the Hong Kong International Optical Exhibition issued by the product won the recognition of many franchisees, but also won the favor of the United States largest importer. EFE has become eye-catching glasses consumption trend and trend.

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At the 2017 Hong Kong International Eyewear Exhibition, the Dutch EFE eyewear brand showed the European-style series of products launched in 2017 to meet the life attitude of various age groups. With its rich variety of products in the 2017 Hong Kong Optical Exhibition, attracted a lot of industry partners, franchisees, investment agent customers and foreign importers to visit. Some of them are importers from Southeast Asia and the two largest importers are from the United States.

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Through the Hong Kong International Optical Exhibition, the EFE Eyewear ,the people in glasses industry around the world, and the merchants exchanged in-depth. Its fashion life aesthetics brand concept, elaborated suitable for their own to find themselves, to see a better brand adhere to by many international agents and importers of recognition. EFE Eyewear brand in the Hong Kong International Glasses Exhibition set off the Netherlands light fashion aesthetic trend of life.