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Find EFE Optical In 4 Major International Eyewear Exhibitions

Jun 07,2022

The year 2017-2018 is an important milestone for the  EFE eyewear to shine on the international stage. It appears in the four leading international expositions of optical glasses and design industry, and received numerous praise from the industry. This not only means that EFE Eyewear position in the international eyewear market has been steadily improved, but also shows that the company's brand design concept has been recognized by consumers around the world.

2017 - SILMO Paris Eyewear

October 6, 2017, Nice encountered the SILMO exhibition, EFE Eyewear brand won numerous  sensitive picky customers’ favor and attention. The integration of architectural structure, matte and future charm of the three exhibition themes, the Netherlands EFE Eyewear designed a new concept frame and natural fashion charm , added a sense of trendy and modern technology to men and women fashion profile . At the same time, the perfect combination of metal material and transparent color gives a new creation for the classic. In addition, from the concept of environmental protection, the titanium metal and colorful creative combination, added comfort and trendy elements for glasses. The Netherlands EFE made a stunning appearance at the 2017 SILMO International Optical Glasses Exhibition in Paris, France, setting off the trend of Dutch light fashion life aesthetics.

2017 - Hong Kong International Optical Fair

The Hong Kong International Optical Exhibition is an opportunity for the EFE optical brand to negotiate agents, join and sign contracts with importers from all over the world. It is also the starting point for EFE to open the world optical chain project in 2018. In this exhibition, EFE launched a series of European style products to meet the life attitude of various age groups. With its rich variety of products in the 2017 Hong Kong optical exhibition attracted a lot of industry partners, franchisees, investment agent customers and foreign importers to visit.

2018 - Munich, Germany 

As the first Optical international exhibition for EFE in 2018, Munich , provides the brand with the opportunity to learn about the development of the eyewear industry, and at the same time, gives the brand a broad platform to display the latest products. At OPTI 2018, the EFE eyewear brand integrated various trend elements, showing a diverse and rich product range. Attracted a lot of industry partners, customers and multinational importers to visit. This exhibition has become a good opportunity for EFE Eyewear brand to enter the international market.

2018 - Milan International Optical Exhibition

Milan International Optical Spectacles Exhibition is known as the Olympic glasses, among many of the world's top eyewear brands, the Netherlands EFE Eyewear will be classic and innovative, aesthetic and functional and practical perfect combination.Its products of men's glasses, women's glasses and neutral glasses, optical glasses and sunglasses were showed in the exhibition, attracting the attention of many European customers. Through the Milan International Optical Exhibition, EFE ‘S concept of combining innovation and fashion has been recognized by more people in the industry, which also marks EFE is on the road of internationalization steadily.

On the way to becoming a global eyewear brand, EFE has never stopped moving forward. In November 2018, the EFE brand will once again attending the Hong Kong International Optical Exhibition, with a new attitude to show the brand's innovative and fashion elements of the product line.

In the future development of the brand, the EFE brand will still adhere to the quality as the core of the basic idea, integration of Western Europe classic and Northern Europe simple design style. Through the designer's profound understanding of fashion elements and the unremitting pursuit of quality, EFE becomes the European fashion eyewear brand leader. At the same time,  EFE is committed to create a unique modern light fashion life aesthetics, simple and unique top craft brand image, for the vast number of consumers to provide fashionable and comfortable glasses wearing experience.