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Netherlands EFE Eyewear in SILMO Glasses Exhibition

Jun 09,2022

2017 autumn / winter - 2018 spring / summer glasses 3 themes


The new products launched at SILMO 2017 in Paris will lead the trend and direction of the world's optical consumption. The 2017 SILMO International Optical Glasses Exhibition in Paris, France, focuses on architectural structure, matte and future charm. Holland EFE Eyewear will be absorbed the three major themes, drawing inspiration from the building structure, the use of raw materials to create a return to the natural element effect, but also the combination of color changes, polygonal acetate frame and metal frame puts a sense of trendy and modern technology to the fashion.


 EFE Eyewear

Holland EFE Eyewear culminated SILMO Optical exhibition 2017 autumn / winter 2018 spring / summer trendy color

Transparent color as the first trendy color in the autumn / winter 2017-2018 spring and summer. It is still popular in the commercial series and avant-garde series. Holland EFE Eyewear apply the metal material to highlight the transparent structure, and put transparent color design for the classic frame.

 EFE Eyewear


Holland EFE Eyewear play SILMO optical exhibition 2017 autumn / winter - 2018 spring / summer optical popular material

Titanium as the popular material in SILMO International Optical  2017 autumn / winter - 2018 spring and summer Exhibition, has become the necessary optical glasses material choice. The EFE Eyewear made the frame with titanium material of lightweight frame, it adds comfort and a contemporary touch to a variety of eyewear. As the concept of sustainable development becomes more and more important, environmental protection also extends to the eyewear industry, the Netherlands EFE eyewear tries to use new materials to create a striking and environmentally friendly frames. Netherlands EFE Eyewear mix the aeronautical materials and colors to add trendy elements to the glasses.

 EFE Eyewear

During the 50th anniversary of SILMO exhibition, EFE EYEWEAR as one of the most famous brands in Europe, attends the 2017 SILMO Paris Optical Exhibition,together with other the world's top eyewear brands PRADA, OAKLEY, JUDITH LEIBER, DONNA KARAN, YVESSAINT LAURENT, DKNY, LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, DIOR, Cartier Cadia, Bolon Tyrannosaurus, Rayban; Celine, LOEWE, GIVENCHY, PLLICE and FURLA of LVMH; ESCADA, ETRO, FILA, FURLA, MINI, POLICE and STING; Essilor、G-Star RAW、Karl Lagerfeld、LACOSTE、MCM、Nike、Chloe、Salvatore Ferragamo、 Valentino、Calvin Klein、 Essilor、Montblanc 、Versace、miumiu、mac Jacobs、Bulgaria、Hermes、Giorgio Armani, etc...

 EFE Eyeglasses


Started in the late 1960s, the EFE Eyewear brand is loyal to the Netherlands trend. At the 2017 Paris International Optical Glasses Exhibition, the EFE Eyewear brand showed the European style series of goods launched in 2017 to meet the attitude of all age groups.

EFE Eyeglasses

The EFE eyewear brand, with four series of Vitality Academy, City Fresh, Metropolis Player and Dutch Classic, has made a big splash at SILMO 2017 with its diverse and rich product range. Providing professional optician recommendation, meeting the visual needs of modern life, is EFE Eyewear brand‘s concept of upholding the light fashion life aesthetics, which is suitable for their own to find themselves, to see a better self. The Netherlands EFE eyewear brand in the SILMO exhibition is preferred by customers and exhibitors. EFE brand sets off a Netherlands light fashion aesthetic trend in SILMO.