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Kenna - Oval Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men & Women
  • Kenna - Oval Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men & Women
  • Kenna - Oval Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men & Women
  • Kenna - Oval Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men & Women


Oval Tortoiseshell Glasses E07891C

5.0 (18 Reviews)
Pay in 4 interest-free payments on purchases of $30-$1,500.
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EFE Eyeglasses Included:
High-quality frame
Anti-scratch coating for durability
Green coating for clearer vision
A lens cleaning cloth & bag
Choose Colors: Black

  • Frame Width:131mm
  • Lens Width: 49mm
  • Bridge:18mm
  • Lens Height:43mm
  • Arm Length:140 mm
  • Temple:N/A
  • Product Type:Eyeglasses
  • Frame Shape: Round
  • Frame Material:Acetate+Metal
  • Gender:Unisex

Discover the perfect blend of value and style with our refined oval and round glasses, offering unparalleled elegance and sophistication. The medium-wide frame, with its glossy finish, is available in a range of chic color options, including Black, Demi, Transparent, and Brown. Whether you prefer classic sophistication or modern flair, there's a color to suit every taste and occasion. Silver dot accents on the outer corners add a touch of refinement, completing the look with subtle yet stylish embellishments. Kenna is a lightweight and defined set of eyeglasses suitable for both men and women. The classic wayfarer shape gains an extra touch of charm from the double hinge studs, offering a unique twist on a timeless design. The combination of metal and acetate material in the temples ensures both comfort and durability, providing long-lasting wear without compromising on style. Experience the epitome of elegance and versatility with our Kenna eyeglasses. Elevate your look with a sophisticated yet contemporary accessory that effortlessly combines value, style, and comfort.
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  • Tortoise Frame. Love them!!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These glasses are awesome. I was skeptical trying them on virtually but they were exactly the same in person. Loved the Quality and case it came in. Arrived in 2 weeks. Would definitely recommend. I Have a long face and these fit awesome on me. I wouldn't go by that on choosing glasses though. if they look good virtually then they will look good in person. Can't wait to order another pair.. these were the tortoise. the frame looks darker in person but I wanted them that way.
    Feb 22,2024 by Mandi
  • This is my very first pair of progressive lenses!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I was a little unsure how well it would work ordering them online, but they fit perfectly, the prescription was right on, and I cannot stress how important it is to get the insurance on these. It is worth it! I dropped and broke my glasses just a few months after having them and they replaced and had a new pair to me in under 2 weeks for only a $15 charge. Since these are $264 glasses, that saved me tons!
    Feb 22,2024 by Krista
  • Cute frames!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I love the shape and style of these frames. The little dash of color makes them a bit fun too!
    Feb 22,2024 by Beryl
  • Cute
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I love my new glasses! I’m blown away by the quality and fit. This is my second time buying glasses online. I’m happier with my glasses than the other retailer I used 2 years ago. I just ordered a second pair because I love these so much!
    Feb 20,2024 by SarahL.
  • Great look!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I love this frame and it feels perfect on my face!
    Feb 11,2024 by Jill
  • love these!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I absolutely love this frame. It is quite thick and rests on my nose perfectly.
    Feb 09,2024 by Juliet
  • Loved them but they were too small
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Loved these glasses but they unfortunately fit me a bit tight. The return process was super easy and fast and I've already ordered a different pair.
    Feb 04,2024 by Cyn
  • Love this Frame
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I just got these frames in the mail today and I love them. They are such high quality, especially given the price and they look great. You’d never know that I paid a fraction of the price compared to in store.
    Feb 03,2024 by kels13f
  • love this frame ❤️
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I am so pleased with these glasses will be buying more absolutely perfect!!
    Feb 03,2024 by C
  • Love this frame
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Loving this just perfect size for my face and color that I'm looking for I'm so happy with my new glasses.
    Feb 02,2024 by Chelle
  • Nice frame
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    The frame is a little boxy and oversized but I still like it. I wish the quality of the plastic was a little better, but they will work for when I take my contacts out at night.
    Jan 16,2024 by Brook
  • Just what I was looking for
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Love these!! They are a little loose but after a quick adjustment they have become my favorite frame!
    Jan 13,2024 by Daikiny
  • Super Cute
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Love them! They were loose and i had to adjust them but other than that, I am in love!
    Jan 11,2024 by Erin
  • Will buy Again and Again
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I was so impressed with the price I purchased two pair for myself. I have received so many compliments. (a big confidence booster) I have been telling everyone. Especially if you have kids this is the perfect way to go. I told everyone when I ordered them how impressed I was with the price I paid. They were all very skeptical. One of the most common arguments was "how do you know what they are going to look like on you?" I agreed but explained that you had on your web site a tool that would help with the face shape. They changed their minds when I showed them my new glasses. Everyone wanted to know where I got them. I think I may even have my husband convinced and he is a hard sell. I would recommend to you but, I don't know their email addresses LOL but, will find out. I just couldn't be happier.
    Jan 08,2024 by Ann
  • Love this frame, but I wish I would have...
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Love this frame, but I wish I would have ordered better quality/protected lenses! The frames are so cute & light weight, but the lenses are SO foggy! I wish I would've ordered something to prevent that to keep them cleaner & clearer, as well as something to help with the lighting. Other than that, I HIGHLY recommend the frames. Just an error in ordering & being stingy on costs ;)
    Dec 20,2023 by 4eyedtaylor
  • New to glasses, but loving these!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    The fit is good, definitely true to size. They are light weight and very comfortable. I would purchase freon here again and, in fact, I already have for my son!
    Dec 13,2023 by Monica
  • Love this frame.
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Its much better than I thought. It fits perfect and looks awesome on me.
    Dec 07,2023 by Chipo
  • Nicest fit I've had
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I've had glasses since HS and frequently don't wear them because I get headaches from pressure points behind my ears. I've had Oakley's, Raybands, other brands along the years and these are the most comfortable I've had in a very very long time and at half the price. The anti glare\blue light filter is fantastic for the computer\tablets and night time driving :-) My only complaint would be the website does not load well for me and it took many attempts to order due to site crashes.
    Nov 09,2023 by Elizabeth
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