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All types of glasses lenses explained: pros and cons

EFE GLASSES | Mar 30,2023

If you have been wearing eyeglasses for a long time, you'd know that there are various glasses lenses with different functions and costs. Some even invest in multifunctional lenses for better vision. 

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All types of glasses lenses

You might be using prescription glasses now but need to figure out which type of glasses lenses they belong to. Look closely at the list below. 

1.Single-vision lenses are the most common types of glasses lenses. This would mean one prescription only, which is usually used for reading, distance, and intermediate glasses. 

These lenses are the cheapest ones you can buy. However, these lenses are unsuitable if you have more than one eye prescription. 

2.bifocal lenses are for those people who need near and distance visions in one set of lenses. These glasses lenses provide comfort when transitioning from reading to looking at distant objects. However, the line separating two prescriptions might be uncomfortable for some wearers. 

3.Trifocal lenses suit those concerned about near, intermediate, and distance visions. Like bifocal lenses, trifocals also have lines, but the lenses will have two lines instead of one. 

One obvious downside of trifocal lenses is that it might take a few weeks to adjust to transitioning one's vision while using them. lenses are the ideal glasses lenses when you have a prescription on multiple viewing distances. The good thing about these lenses is that they don't have visible lines. However, it might take some time to get used to using these lenses and train your eyes on where to look for the specific task you're doing. Also, these lenses are relatively expensive. 

5.Anti-fatigue lenses are designed to help reduce the effects of various light sources which go directly to one's cornea. You might need these lenses when using smartphones, tablets, televisions, or computers. However, you must know that these glasses lenses do not correct visual concerns like farsightedness and nearsightedness. 

6.Polarized lenses are usually used by people who spend most of their time outdoors doing physical work. It could be for sports or other physical activities. They can protect your eyes from UV rays. However, these lenses change how you see things, especially the colors; hence you might refrain from using them while you drive. 

What glasses lenses are the best for reading

The best glasses lenses for reading are those with strong magnifications. Most of these lenses, generally single-vision lenses, can be bought over the counter. 

Manufacturers today allow you to choose the level of your magnification, which usually lies around +2.50 to +4.00. However, it would help if you also considered that this does not apply to everyone, as some might need prescription lenses. 

This means you must see an eye doctor to ensure you get an accurate grade for your eyes. 

What glasses lenses are the best for sports

Since you mostly spend your time outdoors, polarized lenses might be suitable for those who're into sports and other physical activities. 

It protects your eyes from UV rays and reduces glare. In some cases, you can use single-vision lenses. However, a varifocal or progressive lens might be a good fit for those with various vision concerns. It generally depends on your conditions and the location where you'll spend most of your time playing. 

What glasses lenses are the best for driving

If you're used to using prescription glasses, it might be fitting to use progressive lenses. They allow you to see things from various distances with one set of lenses. As you know, having clear vision across different zones is crucial to ensure safe driving. 

When night driving, ensure that the lenses can reduce glare and reflections to make driving easier. Daytime driving would also require you to have your lenses tinted. Some lenses can change light conditions when the sun is present, but they can be a little expensive. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing your glasses lenses is generally the same as picking the best eyeglasses frame. You must consider various factors to ensure the lenses address all your vision concerns. 

Most lenses can be bought over the counter, but remember to see an eye doctor first if you have prescriptions. This way, you can have better options before buying your preferred lenses.