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What are reading glasses & how to choose the right pair?

Nov 25,2022


As we get older, the structures in our eyes begin to change and become less flexible than they used to be. These changes are completely normal, but sometimes they can affect the ability to read smaller print up close,causing many people to stretch their arms when looking at things to read them. But don't worry! Reading glasses are here to help you.



What Are Reading Glasses?

To answer this question, it’s important to see what they help with and how they help.


Reading glasses can help relieve presbyopia. The condition usually starts around middle age and can develop until around age 65. Presbyopia is a completely normal process that most people's eyes go through when they’re older, and reading glasses can easily fix this problem.


As we get older, the eye muscles stiffen and become less flexible. So, when we look at things in the distance, we may still be able to see clearly, but when we look at words and objects up close, it is difficult to focus on them.

You may experience some of the telltale signs of presbyopia, such as needing to hold a newspaper, book or phone farther away to read. It can be difficult to look at your watch, and read prices in stores. You may also have trouble reading and you may need to squint to see better.


If this happens to your eyes, don't worry! Reading glasses are an easy way to help your eyes focus like before.


How Do Reading Glasses Work?


A common misconception about reading glasses is that they magnify small prints. But they actually work by providing the correct diopter strength to make it easier to read. Reading glasses work like magnifying glasses, which means they are thinner around the edges and thicker in the middle. This helps magnify the text you’re reading and makes it easier for your eyes to focus on words and objects up close without moving them far away.


Reading glasses differ in terms of strength, which means you can choose different levels of magnification. The strength you need will depend on how far your presbyopia has developed or how much assistance you want. The reading glasses sold on our website are available in a range of diopters from +1.00 to +4.00.


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