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10 best prescription reading glasses for men you should know

EFE GLASSES | Mar 30,2023


reading glasses today are not exclusive to adults anymore. Teenagers and young adults alike need prescription reading glasses to function efficiently daily, especially when they must read most of the time.

Besides the functionality, you can also shop for reading glasses for men in different styles, colors, and designs. Read through to know more.


Are prescription reading glasses worth it?

Generally, you're getting prescription glasses to help you see things. These glasses make daily functions easier while improving one's vision. 

Some opt for over-the-counter reading glasses, but you know they're not for everyone, especially those with astigmatism; hence prescription reading glasses from eye doctors are the best option.


These glasses can also be costly depending on your prescription, the lenses, and the frames you choose. However, there are tons of manufacturers today creating reading eyeglasses for men, which are affordable and durable. It's just a matter of finding the right frames for you.


How to find the best prescription reading glasses for men?

To get your money's worth, you must ensure you get quality reading glasses for men. Here are some factors one can consider when choosing prescription reading glasses for men.


● Color and style. Ensure that your frames must highlight your facial features and not overpower them. Choosing a suitable frame shape will accentuate your face while the right colors complement your skin tone.

● Materials. In most cases, wearers must have their reading close whenever needed. You can inspect the materials used in your chosen frames and ensure they can withstand bumps and falls.

● Customization. Besides the various designs and colors, you will likely have to replace the original lenses with prescription lenses. Look for sellers of reading eyeglasses for men which accommodate lens replacements.


10 prescription reading glasses for men

If you still need to decide what design to buy for your prescription reading glasses, check out the list below.


1. Flora 

These glasses look rimless, but they're not. The lenses are half-rimmed, allowing a minimalist look while not compromising durability. You can also have the option to change the color of these Flora reading glasses to a transparent one. They also come with four functional lenses.


2. Ace

Choose simplicity with Aces reading glasses for men. Besides the lens type you can choose from, these frames are also available in blue, gray, brown, and green. Since these are reading glasses, you can customize the magnification of your lenses.


3. Dodona

These small, oval frames take you back to the retro glasses worn by professors decades ago. The style is classic; hence you can wear them whenever possible.


4. Numidia

An all-black frame generally looks good on any outfit. This is what Numidia reading glasses bring for those looking for a subtle and minimalist style. It might only have one color, but you can customize the lenses' magnification and functions.


5. Alcock

These rimless frames are great when you want to wear reading glasses but make it look like you're not wearing one. The nose pads make the frame a snug fit for whoever wears it. Despite these eyeglasses being rimless, it still guarantees durability.


6. Deva

These Deva reading glasses are good choices if you want to add fun and color to your frames. The colors come in shades of pink, green, purple, and red. Like any reading eyeglasses for men in this list, you can customize lens type and magnification.


7. Ceres

These frames are slightly oversized, enough for complete eye protection. It has a subtle cat-eye style but has soft and subtle edges making it look like an oval frame. The rims are thinner than usual, giving off that classic vibe.


8. Malis

The round frames on these Malis reading glasses for men look classic to whoever wears them. They come with solid rims ensuring complete protection from possible bumps. You can add colors to your frames, like blue, green, and brown.

9. Athos

These oval, half-rimmed eyeglasses look unique. The upper part of the rim is transparent, while the lower section is coated with a solid black cover. The lenses are smaller than usual, enough to cover the eyes for better vision.


10. Ossa

The classic Harry Potter glasses are what these frames are all about. You even have color options like green, gold, gray, and purple. Of course, the black one is the best choice if you're a Potterhead.