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Elevating Your Oval Eyeglasses: Clean and Maintenance Techniques

EFE GLASSES | Jul 09,2024

Learn the essential tips for cleaning and maintaining your oval eyeglasses. Keep eyewear in top condition to improve your vision and extend the lifespan of your beloved glasses.


It is very important to always clean and maintain your glasses for the sake of your vision and your eyeglasses. Regardless of whether you use your glasses daily or only occasionally, their proper care will allow for much more satisfaction. oval glasses are amongst the most sought after because they are not only fashionable but functional as well. They are designed to fit almost any face shape which makes them more stylish. This article will help you how to use, clean, and take care of your oval glasses so that they remain in the best condition.

Man holding his eyeglasses

Understanding Eyeglasses Frames

There are different types of frames that are used in eyeglasses which are as follows. Egg-shaped glasses with smooth curves on the rims are less aggressive and adapt well to most faces. Below are brief descriptions of the main frames:

  ● Round Frames: Round lenses and slimline designs, sometimes referred to as retro.

  ● Square Frames: Clean lines and definite angles, giving the furniture a cutting edge and unfashionably contemporary look.

  ● Rectangle Frames: Slim shape with straight lines, perfect for business-oriented designs.

  ● Oval Frames: Round frames with gentle curves that suit almost any face shape and define timeless elegance of modern aesthetics.

  Knowledge of these different types aids in comprehending why oval glasses are appealing, since they combine the femininity of round frames with the adaptability of square frames.

Oval Glasses: Cleaning

How to Keep Your Oval Glasses Clean?

To clean oval glasses efficiently, there are certain tools and methods that need to be employed. Here are some detailed procedures that will help you keep your glasses clean all the time:

  ● Use the Right Cleaning Tools: Never use any cloth that is not a microfiber cloth formulated for lenses. This is useful in avoiding scratches as well as wiping off smudge without affecting the lens surface.

  ● Proper Cleaning Solution: Use a good lens cleaning solution or a wash of warm water with a pinch of mild dish washing soap. Do not use household cleaners since they can affect the lens coating.

  ● Rinse First: Avoid wiping your glasses without first rinsing them under warm water. This helps reduce dust and dirt that can abrade the lenses when you clean them with your hands.

  ● Gentle Wiping: Clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion without rubbing the lenses. This technique is useful in preventing formation of streaks and also guarantees through cleaning.

clean oval glasses

Cleaning Oval eyeglasses: What to Do and What Not to Do


  ● Clean eyeglasses regularly at least once a day to avoid grime accumulation.

  ● It is recommended to store the eyeglasses in a hard case when they are not in use to avoid dust accumulation and other damages.

  ● It is recommended to use both hands when putting on and taking off eyeglasses to avoid distorting its shape.


  ● Don't use saliva to clean your lenses as it can introduce bacteria and it is not very effective.

  ● Don't wipe your glasses with paper.

  ● Don't leave your eyeglasses in places such as car dashboards because heat can distort the shape of the lenses and the frame.

  ● Put your eyeglasses with their lenses facing downwards as this could cause some damage.

Preventive Maintenance on Glasses

How To Stop Glasses From Getting Dirty?

  Cleaning the glasses is not a simple process as people would think but requires more than just washing. Here are some preventive measures and cleaning tips on how to maintain your oval glasses:

  ● Regular Cleaning: Ensure that you clean your glasses at least once per day. This helps to avoid the build-up of oils and dirt.

  ● Proper Storage: It is advisable to keep your glasses in a hard case when not in use. This helps to shield them from dust, dirt and other harms that may come their way.

  ● Handling: Always support your glasses by the frames and not the lenses. This minimizes the chances of rubbing the lenses and thus getting rid of the smudge.

Care Instructions For Oval Glasses

  ● Check for Loose Screws: Every now and again look at your glasses to see if the screws are loose and tighten them if they are. This makes sure that your glasses do not come off easily in case they are assembled.

  ● Nose Pads and Ear Pieces: Maintain cleanliness and correct fitting of the nose pads and ear pieces. This improves convenience and helps avoid friction.

  ● Avoid Heat and Chemicals: Avoid exposing your glasses to high heat or any chemicals because it affect the frame of the glasses and also the lenses.

Advanced Maintenance

How Often Should One Clean Their Eyewear?

Cleaning frequency differs with how often you wear your glasses and the kind of setting that you are in most of the time. However, regarding usage, it is advisable to clean them daily and deep clean them once a week.

Adjusting glasses frames

Beyond Cleaning: Other Maintenance Tips

  ● Adjusting Alignment: Your eyewear can get misaligned over some time. Ensure they fit well and get them adjusted by a professional in case they are too tight or loose. This helps to achieve the best comfort and vision possible.

  ● Replacing Nose Pads: Nose pads may deteriorate over time and get uncomfortable to wear or just get dirty. It is advisable to replace them when they become unsanitary or uncomfortable for the occupants.

  ● Lens Replacement: If the lenses get scratched, or if your prescription changes, you should replace the lenses as soon as possible so that you can see clearly.

EFE Glasses: The Go-to Solution for Oval Glasses

Overview of Oval Glasses by EFE Glasses

EFE Glasses has a wide range of oval glasses that are fashionable and long lasting. EFE oval glasses including Oval black glasses E08382A, Oval red glasses E08539B, Square orange glasses E08546C have always been associated with quality and comfort to accommodate different personas. Their features include the following:

  ● Durable Materials: Meticulously crafted from acetate and metal for quality and durability.

  ● Comfortable Fit: To be lightweight and comfortable throughout the day with good weight distribution and fit.

  ● Stylish Designs: Comes in varying sizes, colors, and designs for use in various occasions and in line with the user’s preference.

Cleaning and Maintenance Products from EFE Glasses

EFE Glasses also has a range of cleaning and maintenance products for its glasses. These include

  ● Microfiber Cloths: Crucial when it comes to washing delicate surfaces so that they do not get scraped.

  ● Cleaning Sprays: Designed for lenses only, the wipes efficiently clean off stains and grime from the lenses.

  ● Replacement Nose Pads: Available for ensuring that nose pads, which may wear out or become uncomfortable over time, can be replaced.


Caring for your oval glasses is important to avoid blurry vision and to increase the durability of the glasses. If you follow the following guidelines, tips and precautions highlighted in this article, you will be able to maintain your glasses in good shape. In addition to oval glasses, EFE Glasses also provides a range of products to keep such glasses clean and well-maintained. However, if given appropriate care, your glasses would come in handy for as long as you need clear vision.

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