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Anti-fog lenses for your glasses

Dec 02,2022


Why do you need anti-fog glasses?

I’m sure you’ll agree, there's nothing more annoying than having your eyeglasses fog up while working or wearing a mask. Not only are fogged lenses annoying, but they can also present some safety hazard since it affect your ability to see clearly until the fog clears.

Glasses often fog up, especially in cold weather and on hot & humid days. Also your physical activity can also increase the chance of fogging due to your sweat, which increases the amount of humidity in proximity to your lenses. It can also fog up you drink a cup of hot tea or coffee. And It takes a few seconds or longer for the fog to disappear. This can be very annoying and inconvenient. Fortunately, most glasses can be coated with an anti-fog coating.

anti-fog glasses


How do anti-fog glasses work?

In order for the anti-fog glasses to work, the lenses are sprayed with a thin hydrophilic film. It can absorb moisture from the hot air on the lens. You can ask for these types of glasses lenses and they will be added as a permanent film. However, you can also add it as an add-on film to your normal lenses, but then it won't be permanent.

Anti-fog lenses ensure that tiny condensation water droplets won't stick to the surface of the lenses. This will eliminate fogging. The same coating works equally well on goggles and sunglasses.. This is a better option if the coating is added as a permanent feature of your glasses.

Anti-fog lenses keep your glasses clear, so you don't have to stop to wipe them down to get them back clear when you're getting on with something important. A pair of anti-fog glasses is essential when you need to do important work or enjoy outdoor activities. It will also work well for your everyday wear as it will make it more comfortable.


Are anti-fog glasses more expensive than other glasses?


Honestly, any extra coating on the glasses is an extra cost. Like anti-fog lenses, it can be a bit more expensive than regular lenses. But once you have them, you can save money on wipes and sprays. Purchasing a pair of these glasses would also be a good choice for an environmentally friendly person, as you would eliminate a lot of waste.


Restate a few things


So far, we have explained the value of anti-fog lenses. However, it's worth reiterating a few things that could be valuable here.

1. Anti-fog glasses will provide excellent, clear vision at all times.

2. The anti-fog coating is very useful in critical situations, as it could mean safety for you and others.

3. Sports people will find that maintaining a clear vision at all times is the key to success or failure.

Use Anti-Fog Lens Cloth to prevent fogging?


EFE anti-fog lens cloth can effectively reduce and prevent the formation of fog on the lens. Typical applications for anti-fog eyewear cloth include eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers, and safety shields.


Steps to use anti-fog lens cloth:

Step 1: Clean the lens with lens spray or wipes, then dry thoroughly with a regular lens cloth.

Step 2: Use an anti-fog lens cloth to wipe lightly on both sides of your lenses 5-10 times a day.

Step 3: Store anti-fog lens cloth in its original packaging bag to prolong it’s service life.

clean your glasses


If you are looking for suitable anti-fog lenses or anti-fog lens cloth, why not come to our website to have a look? Browse EFE Glasses options to ensure that your lenses stay clean and clear.

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