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How to stop glasses from fogging up?

Dec 16,2022


One of the most annoying things about wearing glasses in the winter is having to deal with the embarrassment of fogging them up. Many people complain because they have to clean the fog from their glasses. So in winter, especially in this period when we need to wear masks outdoors, how can we prevent the glasses lenses from fogging up? Is there anything we can do to prevent or limit it? In this article we will give you some simple tips that will help you keep your glasses from fogging up!


Why do your glasses fog up?


1. Humid temperature

Glasses often fog up, especially in cold weather. Also, your physical activity increases the chances of fogging due to sweating, which increases the humidity near the lenses. It will also steam your lenses and fog up your glasses when you drink a cup of hot tea or coffee. Or it also fogs up when you walk from outside to inside or into the car in cold weather.


2. When you’re wearing a mask

When wearing a mask, the lenses will fog up. In this special period when you need to wear a mask to go out, it is no longer surprising to see people walking on the street wearing foggy glasses. Glasses become foggy when we wear a mask because warm air coming out from your nose hits the surface of the glasses which then leads to condensation. As a result of your nose being covered the air is not able to escape and mingle with cold air. Also, the mask prevents the air you exhale from moving downwards but upwards on both sides of your mouth. This is what causes fogging.


How to stop your glasses from fogging up?


1. Buy anti fog glasses

Anti-fog lenses ensure that tiny condensation water droplets won't stick to the surface of the lenses. In order for the anti-fog glasses to work, the lenses are sprayed with a thin hydrophilic film. It absorbs moisture from the hot air on the lens. So the anti-fog lenses keep your glasses clear so you don't have to wipe your lenses to restore clarity. When you need to do important work or enjoy the great outdoors, a pair of anti-fog glasses is essential.


2. Use Anti-Fog Lens Cloth

Keeping our glasses clean is important, and in winter, you may want to invest in some Anti-Fog Lens Cloth to keep your lenses from steaming while you perform important tasks outdoors. The effects of anti-fog lens cloth won't last forever, but they can help avoid some awkward moments.


3. Use a bar of soap

Another great trick is to wipe the lenses with a small amount of solid soap. Let it sit for a while, then wipe off with a cloth. But the action must be gentle, so as not to damage the lens. After washing and rinsing, all the soap will not be washed away, and a small amount will remain on the lens, which acts as an anti-fog.


4. Wear your glasses on your mask

Simply changing the position of both your glasses and your mask may be another solution. This means wearing the mask a little higher up the nose and the glasses a little farther down the nose. This method prevents the lenses from being exposed to warm air from below as the weight of the glasses acts as a temporary sealant.


5. Wear a right size mask

No matter which mask you choose, make sure it fits your face shape. If your mask fits snugly and covers your nose, this will prevent hot air from escaping upwards. After wearing a properly sized, well-fitting mask, you will notice a decrease in fogging.


Of course, you may have other tips to prevent glasses from fogging, but in any case, I hope these methods we provide can help you.