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Choosing the women's eyeglasses for Small Faces: A Comprehensive Guide

EFE GLASSES | Mar 05,2024

Find the perfect women's eyeglasses for small faces on frame shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and trends. With EFE's article, you can learn how to choose eyeglasses for small faces women to complement their small faces and enhance their overall appearance. EFE provides key points on identifying the best frame shapes, choosing the right frame size, understanding frame materials, color considerations, popular styles, and tips for trying on and purchasing online. 


Determine The Best glasses frames For Small Face

What Size Eyeglasses For A Small Face?

How To Choose The Right Eyeglasses Frame Size?

The Role Of Frame Material

2024 Best Women's Eyeglasses For Small Faces


Expert Q&A

Choosing the women's eyeglasses for Small Faces: A Comprehensive Guide

Determine The Best Glasses Frames For Small Face

When choosing suitable eyeglasses for small faces, The first step is to understand the best body shape that matches your facial features.

Here are some key points to remember:

Glasses FramesDescription
Spherical FramesSpherical frames can soften angular functions and create a more balanced search for small faces.
Rectangle FramesRectangle frames can elongate the face and offer a swish, current look for small faces.
Oval FramesOval frames are versatile and can complement the natural curves of small faces.
Cat-Eye FramesCat-eye frames can upload a hint of antique charm and lift the eyes for small faces.

You can pick the one that fine suits your specific facial shape and private style. Experimenting with extraordinary shapes permits you to find the appropriate pair of eyeglasses that decorate your small face.

What Size Eyeglasses For A Small Face?

For small faces, frames with an eye size between 40–45 mm are usually good. The lens height for petite glasses depends on the frame style and shape.

Here are some general guidelines for eyeglasses size:

Square: 32–39 mm

Oval: 30–32 mm

Round: 35–41 mm

Rectangular: 28–32 mm

guidelines for eyeglasses size

For petite faces, you can also consider:

Bridge width: 15–18 mm is common;

Temple length: 130–140 mm, which is between the length of adult frames, which can slide down, and the length of kid's frames, which can pinch;

Total frame width: 123–132 mm, but the smallest faces can go as low as 114 mm.

How To Choose The Right Eyeglasses Frame Size?

For choosing eyeglasses for small faces, locating the proper body size is essential for both consolation and style.

Here are some tips for choosing the right glasses frame size:

1. Frame Width: The width of your frames shouldn't be wider than the width of your face at the temples.

2. Frame Height: The top of your frames should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows.

3. Frame Bridge: The bridge of the frame should be closer to your brow line if you have a high bridge, or curvier or lower if you have a low bridge.

The lower edge of the frames shouldn't sit on your cheeks. Your eyes should be centered within the lenses.

Eyeglasses Frame

Follow these steps for a perfect fit:

1. Measure the width of one lens to find your eye size, Multiply your eye size by 2;

2. Measure the width of the bridge (the part over your nose);

3. Add 11mm to account for the frame's arm width from the front.

The Role of Frame Material in Comfort and Style for Small Faces

When small face women choose eyeglasses, the body material plays an essential position in both comfort and style. Exclusive body materials offer various benefits, so it is crucial to bear in mind your choices and desires earlier than you decide.

  Frame materialsAdvantages
  Acetate  long lasting, light-weight, and to be had in a huge range of colors and styles.
  Metallic  sleek, cutting-edge appearance, adjustable nostril pads for a custom designed fit, and hypoallergenic options available.
  Titanium  extremely lightweight, long lasting, and corrosion-resistant, perfect for people with sensitive pores and skin.
  TR-ninety  flexible, light-weight, and impact-resistant, best for energetic people.

Each frame material has a specific function, so it's crucial to try specific patterns to understand which patterns are most comfortable and enhance your facial functionality. Also, when choosing the right frame material for your little face, don’t forget the elements of solidity, flexibility, and protection.

2024 Best Trend Women's Eyeglasses For Small Faces

When choosing eyeglasses for small face women, don't forget that there are many famous patterns and trends. These patterns are not only fashionable but also complement the small features of the face. Here are some of the famous eyeglasses styles and trends suitable for small-face girls:

Round Framesspherical frames are a superb desire for small faces as they add softness and balance to angular functions.
Cat-Eye FramesCat-eye frames are fashionable and ideal for small faces as they carry the eyes and create a flattering appearance.
Rectangle FramesRectangle frames are traditional and suitable for small faces as they provide shape and definition.
Oval FramesOval frames are flexible and perfect for small faces as they're universally flattering.

Where to buy affordable women's eyeglasses for small faces online?

If you want to buy affordable women's eyeglasses for small faces online, it is recommended to log in to EFE online shop - A variety of eyeglasses frames and styles can meet the needs and preferences of male and female friends. You can explore the affordable women's eyeglasses series that suits the small face.

In addition to offering a variety of eyeglasses frame options, EFE also offers high-quality lenses to match your glasses. Whether you need prescription glasses or over-the-counter transparent glasses, EFE offers you a choice.


By following these tips, you can purchase women's glasses for small faces online, which not only provide comfortable wearing but also enhance your fashion and luxury.

Expert Q&A

What is the lens width for small faces?

Here's a quick guide to help you understand frame sizes: 

Small: Lens width of about 50mm or less. 

Medium: Lens width of 51mm to 54mm. 

Large: Lens width of over 55mm.

Can a small face wear oversized glasses?

People with tiny faces should avoid wearing enormous glasses since pupil displacement is more apparent. Oversized glasses may have a face fit problem if they are not ordered in the correct size. They do not fit properly at the nose bridge and frequently fall off.

How wide should my glasses be on my face?

The width of your frames should not be wider than the width of your face at the temples. The top of your frames should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows. The lower edge of the frames shouldn't sit on your cheeks otherwise they will start to rub against your skin and cause irritation.

How do I know if my glasses are too big for my face?

First of all, take a look in the mirror and observe the position of the frames on your face. If they're not sitting close enough to your eyes, then they may be too big. The frames should cover your eyebrows and not extend beyond them.

What glasses look good on a small long face?

The best glasses for long faces are typically tall in their lens height, adopting round, square or ovalized lens shapes. Glasses like these help to visually 'shorten' your face by contrasting a long chin or high forehead for a more balanced appearance.


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