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Morus - Browline Black Reading Glasses for Men
  • Morus - Browline Black Reading Glasses for Men
  • Morus - Browline Black Reading Glasses for Men
  • Morus - Browline Black Reading Glasses for Men


Browline Black Reading Glasses E0565A

4.7 (18 Reviews)
$64.99 /Buy 1 Get 2
Pay in 4 interest-free payments on purchases of $30-$1,500.
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Designer Reader Collection:
Upgrade using 1.56 aspheric reader lenses
Anti-fatigue, helps inhibit prescription increase
Beautify the eyes, diminish dark circles
Inhibits bacterial growth
Equipped with disinfection and deodorization functions
Have 5 functional lenses can be selected: Fully magnified, Block blue reader,Bifocals reader, Bifocal sunglasses reader Multifocal reader.
Choose Colors: Black
Lens Type
  • Fully Magnified
  • Multifocal
  • Block Blue Light
  • +1.00
  • +1.25
  • +1.50
  • +1.75
  • +2.00
  • +2.25
  • +2.50
  • +2.75
  • +3.00
  • +3.25
  • +3.50
  • +4.00

  • Frame Width:145mm
  • Lens Width: 56mm
  • Bridge:18mm
  • Lens Height:36mm
  • Arm Length:146 mm
  • Temple:N/A
  • Product Type:Reading Glasses
  • Frame Shape: Browline
  • Frame Material:Metal
  • Gender:Men

Morus is a classic pair of reading glasses that work on any occasion. The rectangular lenses are surrounded by a semi-rimless metal frame in gunmetal, blue and black.

The sleek design of this frame adds a modern, sophisticated touch to any outfit. 

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Overall Score
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  • Great glasses, Great price
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 4.0
    These glasses are built well, very comfortable and very flattering with the selection of colors available. Very happy with my purchase.
    Oct 16,2023 by Keisha Craddock
  • Love these Frames.!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I bought these frames and I absolutely love them.! They fit perfect, they are almost like looking through nothing because the glass is so clear. I love them and would definitely recommend.!!
    Oct 09,2023 by Patricia B.
  • Perfect glasses.
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Perfect glasses. I do not have anything bad about to say, they are just perfect. I love it
    Oct 05,2023 by Tejaswi Salaigari
  • Love it!!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Looks great really love them! Fit is perfect! Great price
    Oct 04,2023 by PAT
  • Fantastic.! Clear lenses, good fit, really cute designs & colors!
    Quality 3.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 4.0
    I'm so excited about the interesting colors & designs! The lenses are clear. The glasses fit well, & the spring hinges are great! 3 pair for a fantastic price! Excellent!
    Sep 21,2023 by Deanna Carl
  • Karen
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    They are wonderful. Getting great compliments on them.
    Sep 12,2023 by Love these glasses
  • Quality at a great price!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    Real decent price, fun colors, and work well for my excess screen usage. I'll be buying these again in a few months when I've lost or wrecked these. At this price point I won't sweat it.
    Aug 27,2023 by Melissa A. Horan
  • Product definitely as advertised.
    Quality 4.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    I was extremely pleased when they arrived on the day promised.
    Aug 17,2023 by Thomas Batty
  • Better than expected!
    Quality 3.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    The readers exceeded my expectations. The material is sturdy, the colors are bright, and the lenses work well. I have paid more for one pair of glasses from other vendors than for this set. I will order again.
    Jul 24,2023 by Donna S.
  • the frame was very comfortable, and the lens were amazing
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    bought this frame 2 weeks ago, it arrived in about a week and i love it
    Jul 12,2023 by Becki K
  • Love them!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    These glasses feel so natural to wear. I wear them for my screen time (at work and home), reading and sometimes I forget that I am wearing them. I ADORE the vibrant colors. I just wish they came with a lens wipe (s)
    Jun 01,2023 by HardCayndii
  • Would recommend.
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    They are worth the price and I'm very happy.
    May 31,2023 by Shelley M. Jones
  • My second set!
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I really like these readers, and will definitely purchase again when I lose or sit on my second pack. They are very sturdy, I’m just kinda clumsy, lol. I love the different colors, and they are very comfortable. I could read the smallest line when I recently saw the eye doc, so the lens quality is definitely there as well. Highly recommend!
    Apr 30,2023 by Elizabeth J
  • Great purchase!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    The quality is fantastic. Couldn't be happier. Looking to order another pair soon.
    Apr 05,2023 by Tracy Frazier
  • Very happy
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Was apprehensive about ordering glasses online but everything is perfect. Thanks so much!
    Mar 21,2023 by Stacy S
  • Great collection
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 3.0
    Love all the colors that come in this set, my dog keeps eating my glasses, so hopefully these will last a while
    Mar 17,2023 by Melissa A. Horan
  • Nice variety of colors
    Quality 4.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    These glasses are great to disperse throughout the house! Grab them constantly! 2.0 is the perfect cheater strength for me.
    Dec 01,2022 by Donna S.
  • Great quality! Super affordable!
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 4.0
    I really love these readers. They fit my face nice and comfortably. I love the different colors that come in the pack. You have a pair for any outfit :) Best of all, the clarity of these readers is great. I would definitely recommend these!
    Nov 01,2021 by Sally C
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