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What are reading sunglasses and how to buy?

EFE GLASSES | Jan 06,2023

What are reading sunglasses (also known as “sun readers”), what are reading sunglasses used for, and how do you buy them? Use our easy guide below to learn more about this specific type of reading glasses!

Gone are the days of constantly switching from your reading glasses to your sunglasses while outdoors! If you haven’t heard of or tried reading sunglasses, this post is for you! Reading sunglasses are simply sunglasses and reading glasses combined.

This style of reader is the perfect choice any time you’ll need to read or focus on objects within an arm’s length. Some common uses include outdoor reading, gardening, golfing, driving, woodworking, grilling, reading a map, and working on vehicles. 

The opportunities are endless!

Reading sunglasses are hard to find in most stores, and if you’re lucky enough to find them, you’ll likely have a limited selection of style shapes, colors, and lens types to choose from. 

That’s where we come in! EFE Glasses carries an unbeatable selection of reading sunglasses in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

EFE Glasses

How to buy reading sunglasses?

Step 1: Choose your reading power

Reading sunglasses work the same as regular reading glasses, so choose the same power as you would for your regular readers. 

Not sure what reading power you need? Try our Power Finder Guide to help!

Step 2: Choose a lens type

Fully magnified reading sunglasses have your magnification throughout the entire lens and therefore have the widest line of vision, so you don’t have to move your head from side to side as you read. Fully magnified reading sunglasses work best for those who want to only wear their readers while they’re reading materials. Think: reading while poolside.

Note: We do not recommend wearing fully magnified readers while driving unless instructed by your doctor.

Bifocal reading sunglasses are perfect for those who want to keep their readers on the entire time they’re outside.

Polarized reading sunglasses not only help you to see clearly but will also help fight glare caused by the sun reflecting off of solid surfaces or water. 

Those with eyes sensitive to light should consider a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Step 3: Choose a frame shape

Find a pair of reading sunglasses with a frame shape that will best complement your face shape. 

If you’re unsure which frame shape you should choose, take a look at our Frame and Face Shape Guide!

Step 4: Choose a lens tint

The tinted lenses on reading sunglasses work just like sunglasses and have 99% UVA/UVB protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Different tint colors affect the colors and amount of contrast you see, so we suggest selecting a lens tint that will work best for the outdoor activity you’ll find yourself in the most.

Lens Tint: Smoke

Dark-tinted smoke lenses are meant for daytime wear. Smoke lenses decrease brightness and sunlight without compromising color.

Such as Ashoka Readers

Lens Tint: Amber

Amber lenses have a brownish-red tint and provide a brighter view on overcast days, making them a popular choice for sunglasses.

Such as Socles Readers

Lens Tint: Mirrored

Mirrored lenses help reflect the sun’s rays and are especially useful when you’re around sand, snow, or water. 

The mirrored coating is only on the outside of the lens, while the inside of the lens is uncoated. Such as Jurassic Readers

Lens Tint: Gradient Lenses

The top of a gradient lens is the darkest, while the bottom of the lens has little to no tint. Shop gradient lens reading sunglasses.

Such as Chilon Readers

Step 5: Add to cart!

You can enjoy your time outside with clear vision and the protection your eyes need!