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Discover Your Ideal Match: How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Reader Glasses

Jan 02,2024

The most common reason for wearing glasses is the lack of eye vision. In the process of aging, a pair of reader glasses becomes a necessity in your life. Finding an ideal fit is a time-consuming process due to the large variety and functionalities of reader glasses available in the fashion market. This blog will guide you to explore and find an ideal pair of reader glasses that perfectly match your needs and style. 

Understanding Reader Glasses

What Are Reader Glasses? 

Reader glasses are prescribed due to an eye condition called Presbyopia. As we age, the lens inside our eyes loses the focus. Therefore, a pair of reader glasses becomes a primary accessory to read, write, and see the world with a clearer and more focused vision. 

How to Determine Your Magnification Needs: 

An understanding of your magnification needs is essential for selecting reader glasses. Only the right fit can boost your reading strength. The most effective and powerful reader glasses fall between the +0.5 to +5 range. Our reader glasses collection offers a perfect match for your reading necessities. Moreover, the consideration of the correct lens is important since the main purpose that reader glasses serve is to provide you with a clearer vision while reading. 

The Variety of Styles: 

Reading glasses have been used for ages. Offering potential variety that varies in terms of magnificent strength and lens type such as Bifocal, Trifocals, progressive, rimless, single vision and many other reader glasses are available. Each piece comes with a unique shape and style that never lets you miss the functionality and necessity of glasses. 

Choosing the Right Pair of Reader Glasses

Face Shape and Frame Style: 

People around the world have distinctive face shapes and facial features. To give a flattering look to your face identify your face shape and select a match the glasses for you perfectly mirroring your features and style. On an oval face, an angular shape can look fantastic. For square faces, retro-themed and cat-eyes style glasses will enhance facial features effectively. Whereas for round-shaped faces, narrowed and angular bring out the best look. 

Color and Personality: 

Choose colors that compliment your natural skin tone. Usually, people have three types of skin color, cool, warm, and neutral. Yellow, orange, and gold-colored frames blend well with warmer skin tones, while bold colors such as black, red, and silver look best with cooler skin tones. People with neutral colors have the advantage of wearing whatever color suits their style irrespective of any color of frame. 

Comfort and Fit: 

Don’t compromise your comfort and style while selecting reader eyewear, just because it serves the main purpose of providing a clear vision. Choose a comfortable and right-fitted pair, keeping in mind the prolonged use as a friendly necessity for reading. 

Spotlight on EFE’s Reader Glasses Collection

Our reader glasses collection offers huge versatility in terms of design, color, and style, endorsing timeless functionality and necessity in your life. 

Corinth – The Glamorous Cat-eye: 

Corinth glasses are a true definition of glamour and taste. These reading glasses offer versatility and sophistication to your look and beautify your eyes. Corinth for women is a great addition to your wardrobe as you can pair them with almost any outfit.

Lorna – The Bright and Bold Round Frames: 

Lorna is a top pick in our reader glasses collection. Move ahead with Lorna which comes in a bright color frame lens. This unique round style and floral arms bring new charm to life. A perfect lightweight frame embedded with a keyhole nose bridge and bold silhouette.

Hillary – The Modern Square Statement: 

Cool is an understatement when describing Hillary square frames, and Hillary is a look that takes the style to the next level. The classic silhouette is made modern with lustrous blue and rose gold, grey and transparent, and gold arms to match your style and necessity. Enjoy the comfort with spring hinges for custom fit.


Reader glasses are an important necessity for your everyday life. Don’t ever think that every eyewear will fulfill your needs. Take your time and select the most suitable piece for perfect vision, comfort, and style. We invite you to discover EFE’s diverse range of reader glasses that can be a sleek item to make your life more fun and easier.