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3 things you must know when choosing reading glasses

EFE GLASSES | May 25,2022

Have you found that when you look at some things closely, you can’t see them? If so, you may be suffering from a headache the old very often experience, that is, presbyopia. In general, there are two main manifestations of presbyopia in the early stage. Difficulty in working at close range or reading is for one thing, and visual fatigue for another. The occurrence and development of presbyopia are directly related to age, mostly after the age of 45, and its severity is also related to other factors, such as the original refractive error, height, reading habits, lighting, and general health. When you have presbyopia, the safest way is to wear appropriate reading glasses for correction.

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Read on to find out:

1. What kinds of reader glasses are there?

2. How to choose reading glasses for myself?

3. What precautions should be taken when using reader glasses?

1. What kinds of reader glasses are there?

There are three main types on the market, single-vision, bifocal, progressive multifocal, and bifocal reading sunglasses respectively. Single-vision lenses can only be used to see near objects, and you need to take off your glasses when you gaze afar. Bifocals mean that the upper half of the lens is used to see far while the lower half is used to see near. Wearing this kind of reading glasses may have to bear the visual jumping phenomenon. Progressive multifocal lenses can meet the need to see objects at different distances. Bifocal Sun Reading Glasses combine the advantages of sunglasses and bifocals, making it possible for people with presbyopia to read in the sun.

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2. How to choose reading glasses for myself?

l Before choosing reading glasses, you should have an optometry first. Long-term use of reading glasses that are not suitable for your eyes will damage your eyesight, don’t buy them at random. Buying ready-made reading glasses should also know the prescription parameters of your eyes, and buy them under the guidance of professionals.

l To understand the functions of different types of reading glasses which are given above. Refer to “What kinds of reading glasses are there?” please. 

l Pay attention to what the lens that suits you is made of according to your needs. Resin lenses have relatively good impact resistance and are lightweight, but they are not wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. By contrast, glass lenses, however, are wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, but have relatively poor impact resistance.

l Remember that the lenses of reading glasses should not be as small as possible. If you read and work for a long time, you need to have a sufficient field of vision. The lenses’ heights shall be greater than 30mm. The narrow lenses with heights below 25mm are generally portable and can only be used for looking at objects temporarily. Since the users of reading glasses are all middle-aged or older and have plump faces, the horizontal size shall be generally 10mm larger than that of the optical frame, but the NPD (near pupillary distance) shall be 5mm shorter than the FPD (far pupillary distance). To meet these two requirements at the same time, it is necessary to use a larger diameter lens and to have a larger optical center shift during manufacturing.

l The glasses’ frame should be firm and durable because of its high wearing frequency. The parts of reading glasses must be strong or made of highly elastic materials, and the anti-corrosion and anti-scratch performance must be prominent. Overall, please ensure the glasses can be free from rust, terrible scratches, es, and deformation within 2 years.

l Pay attention to the price. Some immoral manufacturers often sell reading glasses whose prices don’t match the quality. So, if you don’t know how to determine the quality of reading glasses, why not solve it by consulting a professional? Contact us now, and we will choose a pair of reading glasses for you. We promise that that will perfectly suit you.

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3. What precautions should be taken when using reading glasses?

l Do not wear or take off reading glasses with one hand. Otherwise, deformation may occur, which will affect the vision. It is correct to wear reading glasses with both hands.

l Wear your glasses according to specific occasions. Reading glasses are only suitable for looking at close-up objects, and taking off them when looking far. Do not wear reading glasses for too long at one time. According to personal conditions, you should rest for about 45 minutes after wearing them, otherwise you will be easily fatigued.

l Pay attention to the visual differences of progressive multifocal reading glasses. Progressive multifocal reading glasses have more requirements for the wearer and require the first-time wearer to have strong adaptability. There is a certain visual difference between wearing and taking off this kind of glasses, especially when wearers are going up and downstairs. It requires the elderly to pay more attention.