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Which glasses look best on round faces?

EFE GLASSES | Feb 04,2024

Article Outline

1. Introduction

2. What is a round face?
3. Characteristics of Round Face
4. glasses for round faces selection principles
5. rectangular glasses
6. square glasses
7. line glasses
8. cat eye glasses
9. large round glasses
10. glasses styles to avoid
11. how to choose the right material for glasses
12. Conclusion
13. Frequently Asked Questions


Whether the glasses are square or round, with black or metal frames, a suitable pair of glasses can instantly enhance your overall temperament. Especially for friends with round faces, it is crucial to choose the glasses that best suit them.

What is a round face?

A round face is a face shape in which the cheeks are almost equal in width and length, with softer angular lines. Round faces need to choose the right glasses style to emphasize the features of the face and increase the contour. The following will introduce glasses that look best on round faces.

Characteristics of a round face

Round faces usually have soft contours and a narrow chin. By choosing the right style of glasses, you can change the proportions of your face, making it appear longer and slimmer.

Glasses for round face selection principles

When choosing glasses suitable for round faces, you should follow the following principles:

- Choose angular glasses to add sharp lines to your face.

- Select a glasses frame that is slightly larger than the face's width to lengthen the face's proportions.

- Avoid glasses that are too round or too wide to avoid emphasizing the roundness of the face.

Rectangular glasses

Rectangular glasses frames are one of the best options for round faces. Rectangular glasses can increase the length of the face and make the face look more slender. Among them, rectangular glasses frames with obvious corners are especially suitable for round faces, which can add some contours to the face.

Square Glasses

Square glasses are similar to rectangular glasses and can also add length to the face. The corners of the square glasses frame are more obvious, which can contrast with the soft lines of round faces, creating a sense of fashion.

Line Glasses

Line glasses are styles with distinct lines and angles in the glasses frame. This style of glasses can add some sharpness to a round face and can also widen and elongate the face.

Cat Eye Glasses

The shape of cat eye glasses is characterized by being wider at the top than at the bottom. This style adds length to the upper part of the face and makes a round face look more slender.

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Large round glasses

Although large round glasses are often considered unsuitable for round faces, some right styles can still add some style and personality to a round face. Choose large round glasses frames that are slightly larger than the width of your face to elongate your face.

Glasses styles to avoid

Round faces should avoid choosing glasses that are too round or too wide. Overly rounded glasses will emphasize the roundness of the face, while overly large glasses will look incongruous.

How to choose the appropriate glasses material?

Choosing the appropriate glasses material is crucial for both round and other facial shapes. Generally speaking, lightweight and non-fragile plastic materials such as TR90 or acetate fiber are a good choice. These materials are both durable and comfortable, and can withstand long-term wear.


Round faces are suitable for selecting rectangles, squares, lines, cat's eyes, and large round glasses with angular lines slightly larger than the width of the face. Avoid choosing glasses styles that are too round or too wide. In addition, choosing the appropriate glasses material is also important.

You may want to know:

Is a round face suitable for wearing round glasses?

Normally, we recommend avoiding circular frames as they may make your face look more rounded.

Is the size of glasses related to facial shape?

Indeed, a pair of glasses that are too big or too small can affect your overall appearance. It would help if you chose a glass that matches the size of your face.

What color of glasses should I choose?

The color of glasses should match your skin tone and clothing. In casual occasions, you can try bolder colors; In formal occasions, it is best to choose neutral or conservative colors.

How do I determine my facial shape?

You can observe your face shape from a mirror or photo. If your cheek width is the widest point of your face, and the width of your chin, cheeks, and forehead is similar, then you may have a round face.

Do I need to spend a lot of money on glasses?

Not all expensive glasses are the most suitable for you. You should find a comfortable, beautiful, and reasonably priced glass.


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