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Are transition lenses worth it?

EFE GLASSES | Sep 28,2023

Thanks to today's advanced technology, there is a perfect solution for virtually every vision problem. 

transition lenses are one such innovation that can help protect your eyes against the harsh effects of bright light. It can also become a fashion statement, especially if you choose a pair that suits you the best.

Transition or photochromatic lenses refer to glasses

Are transitional lenses worth choosing? Here is a quick guide to consider in your buying decision.

What are transition lenses?

Transition or photochromatic lenses refer to glasses that darken on the lenses after exposure to sun rays. Once you go indoors, the lens turns clear to help you see better. Simply put, this type of glass adjusts to the environment, particularly with the level of light.

The overcast effect of the lenses is due to the movement of molecules as a response to ultraviolet light exposure. The lens material consists of chloride and silver halide, which reacts to light by temporarily shifting the molecular structure. These minute changes happen cumulatively and result in the darkening of the lenses.

Typically, transition lenses come with a UV-resistant feature, completely blocking UVA and UVB rays. They are also available for prescription, enabling you to correct your vision while also getting outstanding UV protection. Some wearers prefer these glasses because they don't have to switch between regular specs and sunnies when going outdoors.

The pros and cons of transition lenses

When deciding whether to buy photochromatic lenses or not, it's important to understand their drawbacks and benefits. Here's an overview for you.

Pro 1: convenient and hassle-free to wear

As mentioned, this eyewear has a two-in-one design since it's wearable indoor and outdoor. You enjoy the convenience of carrying only one pair of eyeglasses whenever you are out and about. There's no need to swap your reading glasses for sunnies once you step out for a ride. You will also not struggle to squint your eyes if you want to read street signs while you drive.

Pro 2: cost-effective

Since you don't have to pay for two glasses, buying photochromic lenses can be more cost-effective for you. If you need prescription glasses, transitional lenses can be customized to correct your vision, too.

Pro 3: UV filtering

Transition lenses are UV-protective, helping to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Some studies reveal that UV light causes long-term damage, which you can avoid when you use this type of eyewear.

Pro 4: great range of styles

Transitional lenses are available in almost every tint, design, and frame shape. There's no limit to how you can personalize your glasses when you pick this option!

Con 1: can be problematic in cars

Most windshields block UV rays, which means these lenses may not darken effectively when you're in the car. However, you can talk to your eyecare provider about the best transition lens options that work even behind the windshield.

Con 2: cold weather effect

These lenses may have trouble transitioning from clear to dark in cold weather. The molecules tend to move slower than in warm conditions, causing a significant delay in reaction.

Are transition lenses worth it?

Considering this list, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of transitional lenses. Still, the best way to decide on a purchase is if it fits your lifestyle and preferences. 

What are your daily activities? Do you often go from outdoors to indoors, or do any field work? These situations may require a convenient solution, which light-adaptive lenses can deliver.

It's also crucial to pick a pair of glasses that fit your style. Your comfort should always factor into your buying decision!

Best glasses frames for transitional lenses

1. Margie - Cat Eye Eyeglasses

Cat Eye Eyeglasses

If you want a simple pair, these Margie cat-eye specs are a high-quality choice for you. The frame is lightweight and semi-transparent, making it feel like you are not wearing any glasses at all. You can wear it for hours and feel comfortable, whether you're indoors or outdoors!

2. Novia - Geometric Eyeglasses

Geometric Eyeglasses

Geometric eyewear like the Novia eyeglasses are a popular trend these days. Get into style with this pair of metal glasses that can accentuate your best features. It’s also durable, so you can use your photochromic lenses without stress for longer periods.

3. Angwin - oval glasses

Oval Glasses

The classic shape and solid frame of the Angwin glasses are the best reasons why you should choose them. This pair works great on any outfit and works on any occasion. There's a subtle glittery accent on the arms that adds a chic feel to this simple design!

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