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How to buy the best glasses for oval face shape in 2024?

Feb 17,2024

Shopping glasses for an oval face today? An attractive and versatile shape, this long face silhouette is highly attractive and one of the most versatile. As such, it's not too hard to shop for eyeglasses that match oval-faced beauties perfectly.

What shape of glasses is best for an oval face?

An oval face shape is characterized by wide cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and a gently narrow chin. With softer curves, the oval face looks longer than it is wide. If you have this face shape, sharply angled glasses are suitable for you. To be specific, here are some types of eyeglasses that can look good on you:

1. Square frame: Square glasses for an oval face sharpen the soft lines of this facial shape. It's a geometric frame that balances the long silhouette and adds more width to the upper and lower portions.

2. Rectangle frame: Much like square frames, large rectangle glasses are a great counteract to oval faces. This eyewear can effectively add more depth to the subtle lines of this face shape.

3. Cat-eye frame: Cat-eye spectacles highlight the upper half of the oval face, making it appear more angular than it is.

What glasses may not be good for an oval face?

The oval face is generally longer than most shapes, so it's best to avoid small and narrow frames. Undersized glasses can ruin the proportions of your face, making it look out of place. In the same manner, overly large specs that extend beyond the edges can narrow your face further.

Aviators that feature too round lenses may also stand out and dwarf your oval face. Therefore, it's essential to choose an aviator shape that does not clash with your facial features. For instance, angular or oval aviator glasses are a more versatile choice.

8 best glasses for oval face shape in 2024

1.Micah Round Glasses

best glasses for oval face shape

Micah round frame, with its modern and timeless appeal, is perfect for both men and women. Versatility meets fashion for everyone!Our newly styled collection boasts premium coatings that are stronger and lighter than ever. Elevate your style with strength and comfort!

Micah Round Glasses are super comfy with an ultra-light TR90 and titanium frame, just 7g light. You get that feather-light vibe without giving up durability. No more heavy glasses weighing you down!

2.Dove Rectangle Glasses


Dove is a type of potter's clay, and just like the finest designs from the world's top sculptors and clay workers. EFE Dove matte black eyeglasses are a true piece of art. Crafted from strong and flexible metal for durability and style, these rectangle-shaped unisex frames with a black browline are time-tested in their appeal.

3.FebSquare Glasses

Feb glasses

The Feb thick acetate square frame is a bold and stylish eyewear choice that combines durability with a fashionable design. Crafted from high-quality acetate material, this frame offers exceptional strength and longevity.

4.Dame Cat-eye Glasses

From a day at the office to a night out, Dame is a look that covers all style bases. This vintage-inspired horn frame features black, demi, tea and red finish that’s both serious and stylish — and when it’s paired with the playful cat-eye shape, you just can’t go wrong. 

5.Nettie Oval Glasses

Stay cool without feeling the heat! Whether you're hitting the beach or pool deck this summer, these brown clear sunglasses with beige floral arms will be there by your side. Designed with a classic rectangular shape, Nettie full-rim plastic frame is perfect for all your summer activities. Upgrade them with a prescription lens to see through those summer waves.

6.Morty Square Glasses

The Acetate Square Frame Glasses are designed for comfort, allowing you to wear them all day without any discomfort. The substantial frame provides stability without sacrificing comfort.

7.Sanchez Square Glasses

Sanchez - The full-rim square lens design and TR90 build mean you can be effortlessly fashionable and forever on-trend. Timeless design and superior craftsmanship make these specs ideal for the everyday fashionista. Embrace that sophisticated look coveted by all with this pair of Luke and chic black eyeglasses. 

8.Avicenna Aviator Glasses

Avicenna is a look that was made to be seen, even on the busiest city streets — featuring a modern aviator face front, paired with gold metal details for a cool look. Complete with adjustable nose pads for a custom and comfortable fit wherever you wear them, whether you’re commuting to work or networking at an event.

Shop online at EFE

There's no underestimating the top-notch selection of glasses for oval faces here at EFE that you can buy today. You can start shopping and find frames that fit you using the virtual try-on. It's like buying at the store without leaving the comforts of your home!


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