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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Glasses for a Big Nose

EFE GLASSES | Feb 11,2024


In the journey of self-expression, glasses serve as much more than vision correctors; they're a staple accessory that needs to complement your unique facial features. This article offers valuable insights for those blessed with a larger nose, guiding you through key factors to consider when selecting the perfect eyewear.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Glasses for a Big Nose

1. Understanding the Features of a Big Nose

A 'big nose' isn't an official term in facial anatomy; it instead broadly refers to noses that are more prominent compared to other features. This might be because they're wider, longer, or have a pronounced nasal bridge.

2. The Importance of Choosing the Right Glasses

Choosing the right pair of glasses isn’t just about aesthetic appeal; the right design can balance your facial features, create harmony, and potentially boost confidence, which is particularly important when you have a dominant feature like a larger nose.

3. Frames that Complement a Big Nose 

Bold, wide frames can complement a big nose by providing a counterbalance. The key is to ensure the glasses don’t sit too high on your face, which might emphasize your nose. Instead, they should align with the widest part of your nose, making it appear smaller and more proportionate.

4. Frames to Avoid When You Have a Big Nose

Small, narrow frames or those with a low bridge should be avoided as they make the nose appear larger. Similarly, frames that sit high on the face can exaggerate the nose’s length.

5. The Role of Colors in Optical Framing

Dark colors tend to draw attention, so a darker frame can serve to moderate the prominence of your nose. Contrastingly, lighter frames can allow for your eyes and glasses to be the focal point, drawing attention away from the nose.

6. The Perfect Fit – Balancing Size and Proportions

When choosing glasses, remember: it's all about balance. Frames that are as wide as your face can help balance a larger nose with the rest of your features. The frame's bridge, which links the two lenses, plays a crucial role too. A lower bridge will make your nose look shorter, and a wider one can help reduce the noticeable width of your nose. 

7. Styling Tips to Draw Focus Away from the Nose

With glasses chosen, consider hairstyles and makeup that help to draw focus towards your eyes. Opt for bolder eye makeup and hairstyles that show off your eyewear.

8. Showcase - Famous Personalities with Big Noses and Their Glasses Choice

Famed personalities like Adrian Brody and Barbra Streisand, known for their larger noses, have successfully used glasses to balance their features, look for their style for inspiration!


Choosing glasses when you have a larger nose can feel like a challenge, but remembering these key factors can make it a fun and thoughtful process of self-expression.

People also ask

Q1: How to choose glasses for big nose?

A1: The best glasses to suit a big nose are thick, full-rimmed frames which create a strong visual contrast on your face. Chunky acetate spectacles draw attention to your eyes, making your nose appear less prominent. 

Q2: What are the best glasses for big noses?  

A2: Angular frames, such as square, rectangular, and cat-eye, are a good place to start when looking for glasses for big noses. The sharper corners of these frames can help diffuse attention away from the nose. Thick, full-rimmed frames can also create a strong visual contrast on the face, which can make the nose appear less prominent. For women, large oval or cat eyeglasses can be a good option.

Q3: How should I position glasses with a big nose?  

A3: Your glasses should align with the widest part of your nose to make it appear smaller and more proportionate.

Q4: Does the color of the glasses make a difference?  

A4: Yes, darker frames can serve to moderate the prominence of your nose, while lighter frames can draw attention towards your eyes. 

Q5: Do hairstyles and makeup matter while wearing glasses?  

A5: Absolutely, bolder eye makeup and hairstyles that reveal your eyewear can help draw attention towards your eyes and away from your nose.