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What Color Glasses Suit You Best


The color of your glasses can have a huge impact on your overall look, and choosing the right color for your next pair of glasses is crucial. So choosing a frame that suits your hair color, eye color and skin tone as well as your sense of style can be quite a challenge. Wondering which glass frame color is best for you? Read this article to learn how to pick the best glass color that best suits your unique features and personality.


Choose the color of your glasses according to your eye color


When it comes to knowing the best glass color for you, simply look closely at the color of your eyes and decide whether you want a color that blends in or stands out.


For a softer look, choose a neutral color or a color similar to your eyes, such as brown, beige, or black. But for a fun, statement-making look, you can choose colors that contrast but complement your eye color.


1. Brown Eyes

Any color, from classic black to brighter shades, will work well with brown eyes. Mostly brown eyes pair well with shades like demi, gold, and green. If you want to stand out, we recommend olive or lavender, which are bold and flattering with brown eyes.


2. Blue Eyes

Blue eyes pair perfectly with blue and gray tones, choose a gray frame for a minimalist look, or opt for cobalt or bright blue. If you prefer a more neutral color, you can also opt for a turtle green or brown frame for a little contrast. Classic black frames are another great way to subtly draw attention to blue eyes. 


3. Green Eyes

Green eyes are very special and people with this eye color often gravitate towards warm earth tones, colors like brown, caramel or even demi always complement green eyes, while gold metal frames can make them shine . But if you're looking for a statement-making look, please choose pink, purple or cream frames for a beautiful contrast.


4. Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are made up of browns, greens, and golds hues, choosing a green or brown frame will provide both contrast and coordination. Amber frames are also a flattering option. 

Choose the color of your glasses according to your hair color


Adjusting the frames to suit your hair color is another way to enhance your overall look. Since our hair naturally varies in color and tone, there are a few things you should know when choosing frames based on your hair color:


1. Black hair

Darker frames like black or tortoise look especially stylish with black hair, as they help create a sophisticated, coordinated effect. Brighter colors, on the other hand, offer a great contrast, and if you’re after a statement-making effect, you can go for greens and violets.


2. Brown hair

For those with more blond or auburn brown hair, it goes perfectly with demi frames and other colors with warmer tones like reds and browns. Earth tones like green and gold also look great on warm brown hair.


3. Blonde hair

If your blonde hair is dark and you want a neutral look, please choose frames in warm tones like honey, beige or amber. But if your hair color is more ash blonde or platinum blonde, you can choose blues, purples and cool pinks to complement the icy tones of your hair.


4. Gray hair

People with this hair color often choose jewel tones and other vibrant colors to brighten up their look. Our only advice is to be careful with beige or brown frames as they may clash with your natural colors and create a dull effect.

Choose the color of your glasses according to your skin ton


Skin tone is often overlooked or misunderstood when it comes to eyeglasses selection. Skin tones fall into two broad categories: warm undertones and cool undertones. Warm undertones often have yellow or green undertones, while cool undertones have more blue or pink undertones. Neutral skin tones are a mix of warm and cool undertones. Choosing a frame in a specific color based on your skin tone may complement your overall look better.


1. Cool skin tone

Known for their pink undertones, cool skin tones are best paired with similarly cool-toned frames with blue undertones, silver, gray, green, and clear. An all-black frame might be a little too harsh, but it looks great when balanced with a subtle pattern or accent hue. If you have a cool tone, avoid colors with strong yellow or gold, as this will clash with the cool tone of your skin.


2. Warm Skin Tone

Warm skin with golden undertones look best with warm frames in shades like demi, brown, red, orange, gold and yellow. They also look great in all black with a bold style. But avoid cool shades like blue and pink as they will just make you look tired.


3. Neutral skin tone

Neutral skin types with a mix of pink and gold undertones can go well with almost any color. You can make your look bold with black, keep it neutral with demi, or play around with any fun shade.


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