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How to Care for Your Sports Eyeglasses: Tips and Tricks

EFE GLASSES | Feb 16,2024


Sports eyeglasses aren't just accessories; they can be crucial lifelines for athletes, promoting safety while enhancing performance. In this blog post, we will explore valuable tips and tricks to help you care for your sports eyeglasses effectively.

Importance of Sports Eyeglasses

Sports eyeglasses are a vital piece of sports apparel. If you relish outdoor activities, like cycling, skiing, or golf, you know how sunshine can disturb your vision. In such scenarios, sports eyeglasses step in, shielding your eyes from the sun's glare and harmful UV rays. 

But it's not just about blocking out the sun; sports eyeglasses are constructed to survive rigorous activities, resisting impact and shatter. They're lightweight, which means they end up being comfier than regular glasses. 

How to Properly Clean Your Sports Eyeglasses?

Cleaning your glasses might seem like a no-brainer, but it's surprising how many folks do it wrong! First, rinse your glasses with warm water. Avoid hot water that can damage lens coatings. Apply a small drop of dish soap on your fingers, gently rub it on each lens, rinse and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Handling Your Sports Eyeglasses

Infrastructure might be crucial, but it's merely part of the story. 

Tip 1: Always Hold By the Bridge

When handling your glasses, ensure you're holding them by the bridge, not by the temple. 

Tip 2: Use Both Hands

Whenever possible, use both hands when putting your glasses on or removing them. This helps keep the temples straight and avoid loose screws.

Storage of Sports Eyeglasses

A sturdy protective case is a must-have for your sports eyeglasses. It keeps them safe when they're not in use. Also, avoid placing your glasses lens-side down, as this can lead to scratches. 

Repairing Your Sports Eyeglasses 

Thankfully, several minor repair jobs can easily be done right at home with a repair kit.

I. Tightening Loose Screws: This is probably the simplest one. A tiny flathead or Philips head screwdriver does the job. 

II. Adjusting the Frames: Plastic frames can be adjusted with a hairdryer, while metal ones require needle-nose pliers. Remember, do this gently to avoid breaking them. 


Care for your sports eyeglasses just as you’d care for your sports equipment. They are an investment that protects your eyes while enhancing your performance. Remember, good vision is an asset you can’t afford to play fast and loose with. 


1. Q: Can I clean my sports eyeglasses with any soap?

   A: No, use a gentle dish soap. Harsh soaps can damage the lens coatings.

2. Q: What should I avoid when cleaning my glasses?

   A: Avoid abrasive materials like paper towels and hot water. They can scratch your lenses and damage the coating.

3. Q: Can I adjust my plastic frames using direct heat?

   A: No, do this indirectly with a hairdryer. Direct heat can deform or even melt your glasses.

4. Q: Do I always need a protective case for my glasses?

   A: Yes, it's the safest place to store your glasses when not in use.

5. Q: How do you clean sports glasses?

   A: It's best to use a gentle dish soap or hand wash to make sure you don't damage your glasses. Alternatively, you can use a special glasses cleaning solution and follow the same process. Once they're clean, just wipe your glasses dry with a soft lens cloth or microfiber cloth.

6. Q: Can I repair all damage to my glasses myself?

   A: Minor repairs like tightening screws and adjusting frames can be done at home. However, significant damage should be handled by a professional eyewear repair service.