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Why EFE Provide customization 3-Pack Glasses Set?

Written by Breece     1-8-2022 15:45

"Who wants so many identical glasses!"

Most of glasses companies offer 3-pack or 5-pack set for customers, so you will get 3 or 5 totally identical pairs of reading glasses, which is very boring and waste money. So we hearing the voices of many customers, based on our strong factory and support team, we offer a customize service for customers from 2022, you can select 3 difference pairs of glasses at a most affordable price. According to your own style and needs, feel free to match your own unique reading glasses sets. Also, the price is very reasonable!

About EFE

Specializing in eyewear since 1969, EFE is dedicated to providing most affordable professional glasses available online.

We offer over 1000 options, including readers, sunglasses, and more.

Here you can customize your glasses, combining the most popular frames with full magnified, bifocal, bifocal sunglasses or blue light lens types.

You will get the best combination to your needs with us.

How to Buy?

Select 3 pairs of glasses you like at the same price series, then pick them at checkout, you will see the final price.

For example, you pick 3 pairs for readers from the $8.99 series, then the price will be $8.99!

Or, if you want to mix 3 pairs of readers from different price sets, the final price will apply to the highest one.

For example, if you add a pair of reader at $8.99 and two pairs at $24.99, the final price is $24.99.

Since we focus on making high-quality eyewears all the time, we believe that when you receive the glasses, you will say "worth every penny" like others customers!

Perfect for everyone and everyday. 

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