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The Lifespan of Glasses Prescriptions- How Long Are They Valid?

Feb 05,2024

Unsurprisingly, prescription glasses are great welfare for people with a lack of vision. As we grow the prescription for eyesight also changes, and thus requires a prudent understanding of the durability of prescription glasses. Eyeglasses are not designed to last forever, especially prescription eyeglasses that must be changed every one or two years to remain valid for your eyes.

Prescription Duration

Typically, the duration of prescription glasses remains valid for up to 1~2 years. After this time your optometrist will recommend replacing old glasses with the updated lenses. If you think it’s a short period then there’s good news for you – replace only the lenses, not the frame. The validity of glasses will provide you with an alert to look for any sign that shows a weak vision. As it hits the expiration date, you will feel a lack of clarity in your vision – the best time to go for a check-up and keep yourself updated. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that eyeglasses prescription numbers are standardized internationally, causing a small variation in prescription numbers from country to country.

prescription for eyesight

Factors Affecting Prescription Expiry

Age is the major contributor to the expiry of prescription glasses – the more you age the faster will be the changes in your eyes so people with age above 40 need to update their eyeglasses prescription more frequently. Lifestyle matters too! Active and sports people are frequently required to change prescription glasses whereas a person working or living indoors smoothly uses their eyeglasses for the expected duration of glasses. Prescription expiry dates let you track the impact of these changes on your eye health.

Legal Requirements and Regulations

The law enforces eye doctors or optometrists to provide a copy prescription to the patients. Many countries enforce the inclusion of essential information including examination date, authorized signature, and prescription expiry date. Whereas in some regions, eye doctors are required to add patients' pupillary distance required when purchasing eyeglasses online. Moreover, the eyeglasses prescription usually lasts for 2 years depending on the country and the related regulations. However, it is important to understand that a prescription does not prove that your eye vision has changed but provides an insight to ensure the accuracy of your prescription.

Prescription Renewal Process

The first go-to person for prescription renewal is your eye doctor. Visit your optometrists and consider undergoing an eye checkup for an up-to-date prescription. Nowadays you can easily renew the prescription online with a visibility test under any licensed eye doctor. Optimize the new prescription to buy perfectly matched new lenses or eyeglasses.

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Over time, eye vision changes with age, lifestyle, and eye health conditions and thus wearing outdated glasses can affect your eye health. Eye specialists recommend frequent examination of the eyes to maintain eye health. Regular checkups will allow you to identify the significant changes and bring the opportunity to the eye doctor to update your prescription accordingly.

Prescription for Different Eyewear Types

Prescription glasses serve the purpose of vision correction. However, the prescription varies depending on the type of eyewear, e.g. contact lenses and regular eyeglasses. Regular eyewear prescriptions include the details of the distance between eyes and lenses. On the other hand, contact lenses don’t require this information as it is designed to sit directly on the eye. This means that the power required to correct the vision will also be different. However, the prescription for both types of eyewear needs renewal every 1~2 years under the guidance of an eye specialist.

Shopping for New Glasses

Generally, it is not recommended to purchase new glasses with an expired prescription. The exception can lead to headaches and blurry vision. Reputable eyewear websites and authorized optical stores reject expired prescriptions. So, go for regular eye checkups and consider shopping for new sunglasses with an updated prescription. One cannot get the correct and best vision without an up-to-date prescription.

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