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Travel Smart: Essential Tips for Journeying with Glasses

EFE GLASSES | Jan 04,2024

The addition of glasses in your travel accessories yields a perfect vision and style bringing joy into the journey when you move from destination to destination crossing miles to see the beauty of the world. However, traveling with glasses can become a dramatic experience, for that reason, you need extra care and preparation for eyewear during travels. This blog presents you with essentials to travel with glasses that offer a glow-up and eye protection during your adventure journey.


Preparing Your Glasses for Travel

Before starting your journey with glasses, prepare yourself with the following essential tips:

Choosing the Right Pair: 

Traveling is not a simple thing, it leads you on a rollercoaster of adventure and risks. This indicates a need for versatile and durable glasses for travel that you can utilize for ultimate support to enjoy the travel experience to the fullest. Looking for comfortable eyewear with better adaptability is another key consideration for traveling smart. 

Backup Pairs: 

People with glasses at least once in their life experience the missing or breaking of glasses while traveling. An extra pair of glasses won’t affect much, you can easily put them in your travel bag. It is important to carry a backup pair in case you lose your primary glasses. One or more extra pairs can be a useful resource, especially during long or adventurous trips. 

Protecting Your Glasses On-The-Go

Once you have picked the right glasses, the next step is to protect them with the following consideration:

Sturdy Cases: 

From the airport to travel to different places, the chances of negligence become higher while packing your stuff including glasses. That makes it crucial to have a hard and well-built case that will give well-protected care from scratches or damages. A highly durable glasses case is the way to go for travel essentials. 

Cleaning Essentials: 

While traveling, your glasses come in contact with various surfaces making them prone to picking dirt and dust and can cause eye infections. Pack cleaning essentials such as microfiber cloth and a small bottle of cleaning solution for on-spot maintenance of glasses. Clean your glasses often with these items to avoid any inconvenience in your travel journey. 

Handling Tips: 

The mishandling of glasses during travel can cost you time and convenience. To avoid such incidents, remove and wear your glasses with the help of two hands and never them under your head or elbow while resting. Keep your glasses in a protective case when not wearing them and take them off while doing an excessive activity to avoid falling and shattering your favorite glasses.

EFE's Travel-Friendly Glasses Collection

Our latest collection offers a wide range of conveyable glasses, perfect options for adding joyfulness, and great adventure to the voyage. 

Houser – The Classic Companion: 

Houser glasses

Introducing Houser as your travel partner that brings an exciting addition to the eyewear game with its beautiful color and classic round lenses. An extra facility of nose-bridge and gold metal temples make it a standard for contemporary glasses. Highly durable and comfortable the addition of spring hinges makes it robust, sustainable, and easy to get a custom fit. 

Aemy – The Versatile Fashion Statement:


Presenting Aemy, timeless fashionable round glasses. A lightweight piece made from acetate, an ideal choice for every day and during travel. Aemy eyeglasses are available in multiple colors including black, brown, and transparent. Make your journey a wonderful experience with these versatile and smart glasses. 

Chilling – The Fun and Funky Pick: 


Do you want fun? Chilling is the best choice to supplement your travel journey. A statement pair with high-spirited full-rims and oversized round lenses perfect for adding a pop of color and style to travel ensembles. Crafted with premium acetate, showcasing the ultimate craftsmanship to design these cute pair of glasses. Put them on to add some effervescence to any ensemble.


Proper care and preparation of glasses remove the burden and provide you with an optimal vision and fashion statement while traveling. EFE’s Houser, Aemy, and Chilling are a perfect pair of glasses for your travel journey with sturdy, picturesque, comfortable style. Check out our website for more travel-friendly wear for a hassle-free and stylish travel experience.