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How to pick your spooky glasses for Halloween?

EFE GLASSES | Oct 20,2023

As Halloween approaches, we're officially in the spooky season! Whether you're on the hunt for stylish everyday sunglasses for the fall or the perfect eyewear to complete your Halloween costume, we've got some autumn-inspired and eerie recommendations just for you.

At EFE Glasses, we're your go-to destination for all your Halloween eyewear desires. With a vast selection of frames, colors, and lens options, finding the ideal pair of clear, tinted, or polarized glasses for both your costume and everyday wear is a breeze.

What frame to pick based on your Halloween costumes?

The perfect type of eyeglasses for Halloween can vary depending on your costume and the character you want to portray. Here are some popular styles of eyeglasses that can enhance your Halloween look:

1. Oversized Glasses

Oversized glasses with thick frames can add a humorous and exaggerated touch to your costume. These are great for portraying characters like nerds, mad scientists, or quirky professors.

2. Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses, with their distinctive upswept corners, are ideal for creating a vintage or retro look. They work well for costumes inspired by the 1950s, 1960s, or glamorous characters like pin-up models or witches.

3. round glasses

Round glasses frames can evoke a whimsical or intellectual vibe. They're great for characters like Harry Potter, John Lennon, or any costume that requires a touch of eccentricity.

Ultimately, the perfect eyeglasses for Halloween depend on the character you want to become. Consider the style, color, and shape of the frames that best complement your costume and help you fully embody your character's personality. Don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with your eyewear for Halloween!


What color goes for Halloween vibe?

The best color of glasses for Halloween largely depends on the character or costume you're portraying. Here are four versatile colors that can work well for various Halloween looks:

1. Orange

Orange is a vibrant and eye-catching color that's synonymous with Halloween. It's perfect for pumpkin-themed costumes, as well as playful and whimsical characters. orange glasses frames can add a pop of color and festivity to your Halloween ensemble.

2. Red

Red frames are bold and attention-grabbing, making them ideal for fiery characters like devils or passionate personalities. red glasses can add a touch of intensity and drama to your costume.

3. Green

Green frames are associated with otherworldly and supernatural themes. They work well for costumes inspired by witches, fairies, aliens, or any character with a mystical or fantastical background. green glasses frames can help you channel a sense of enchantment.


purple glasses are perfect for Halloween because the color purple is associated with mystery and magic, making it ideal for costumes like witches, wizards, and enchanting characters. The rich and deep hue of purple adds an element of sophistication and intrigue to your look, enhancing the overall aura of your Halloween costume. Whether you're portraying a spell-caster or a mystical being, purple glasses can amplify the enchantment of your character, making them a fitting choice for the spooky season.

Ultimately, the best color for your Halloween glasses depends on the character you're embodying and your personal preferences. You can also consider frames with unique patterns or combinations of these colors to create a distinctive look that matches your costume perfectly.


EFE glasses for your Halloween party

Halloween is that magical time of year when we can transform ourselves into anything we desire. From ghouls and ghosts to fantastical creatures, the right eyewear can elevate your costume to a whole new level. We've curated six glasses frames from EFE that are not only stylish but also perfect for Halloween. Be the center of any party with some of our favorite fall and Halloween eyewear picks below.


1. Mavis

The vibrant orange of these cat-eye frames evokes the spirit of Halloween. These glasses can be a playful addition to a witch or pumpkin-themed costume. The cat-eye shape adds a touch of retro charm, making them perfect for channeling a bewitching character.


2. Conchita

Round frames in a bold orange hue bring a sense of playfulness to your Halloween look. They can be a quirky addition to a mad scientist or vintage-inspired costume. The round shape adds an air of whimsy, making them suitable for lighthearted and creative outfits.


3. Mode

These cat-eye frames in purple tortoiseshell offer a mysterious and alluring appearance. They can be the perfect accessory for a glamorous witch or a mythical creature costume. The combination of purple and tortoiseshell adds a touch of enchantment.


4. Flossie

Transparent green cat-eye frames exude a fantastical and otherworldly vibe. These glasses are ideal for a fairy, elf, or forest creature costume. The transparent green color adds a magical touch to your Halloween ensemble.


5. Ariana

The bold red cat-eye frames can be a fiery addition to a devil or vampire costume. The cat-eye shape adds a seductive and alluring appeal, making them perfect for characters that embrace the night.


6. Julian

Cat-eye frames with blue and red accents can add a touch of superhero or villainous flair to your Halloween look. The combination of blue and red is bold and eye-catching, making these frames a fun choice for costume play.


The six glasses frames recommended here from EFE offer a range of colors, shapes, and styles to suit various Halloween characters and themes. Whether you want to be whimsical, spooky, enchanting, or glamorous, these frames provide the finishing touch to your Halloween look. So, embrace the magic of Halloween with eyewear that enhances your costume and adds an extra layer of character to your celebration.